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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer House Marketplace

We've settled into our new location
at Summer House Marketplace

These are photos from around the shop...
it's big store, and I'm not doing it justice...

Every vendor has a slightly different vibe,
and it makes for a really eclectic mix

(OK, so I had to throw in at least ONE photo from our space...
...aren't these old books great?)

If you are even remotely local, this shop is completely worth the trip!
I've been in lots of similar shops and I can unbiasedly state,
Summer House Marketplace ROCKS!


  1. Nice photos! Glad you are settled in!

  2. Jackie, I can (and have) easily spent hours Feels good to be pretty much settled in, too.

    Would like to paint the walls in our space, but no time right now. I have a vision for how it will eventually look, but for now, at least it's FULL!