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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grey Linen French Caned Back Chair

I rarely keep things...
I figure "there will be another"

I think this chair might not be leaving, however...

It was only my second attempt at upholstery
(beyond basic dining chairs!)
and it's not as perfect as I'd like
but I suppose that is part of it's charm

Maybe I will put it on Etsy
and if it is still there in a week,
I'll keep it

Or I could put it in the store and see what happens....
What to do, what to do??

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grey Linen

How much do you love this color?
This chair?
This French script fabric?
Le's all fabulous.

It's still a work in progress and it's making me sorta crazy
(I am NOT an upholsterer, I just play one on Etsy)

This chair was painted in the newest ASCP color, Grey Linen
It's my favorite new color (no offense Coco and rock, too!)

Picking a favorite ASCP color is sorta like picking a favorite child...
it's just impossible.
They are all lovely in different ways

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't hate me....

So...I paid a visit to my FAVORITE stockist (Robyn Story)
after work today...
I came away with lots of WONDERFUL colors

Some new ones I haven't tried before
(Arles and Napoleonic Blue)
No plans for them,
I'm just seduced by the selection when it's in front of me

And if that isn't FUN enough...
...behold what else I came away with....

Yep, that's right...samples of the NEW ASCP colors!


~Robyn loves Stiltskin Studios~

Watch for pieces painted in these GORGEOUS new colors soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I stopped in one of our offices today at my "day" job
(I work in healthcare marketing, if you didn't already know!)
and one of my very sweet co-workers said
I didn't seem like a "sawdust in the hair" kind of girl.

I realized some people know me
as the girl in the impractically high heeled shoes
with the designer bag she scored at Marshall's
and a perfect pedicure...

...and others only know me
as the girl with paint streaks randomly about her limbs,
and antiquing stain in my hair~

and they are both 100% "me

The Transformation

I purchased this GINORMOUS mirror...
it's hideous, and I would never have dreamed of keeping it
I put an Old White base coat on it...
Suddenly it was speaking to me.

"Wouldn't I look great in place of that tired old mirror in the living room?" it said.

Why yes, I think it just might...
It's over five feet long, however...
which means finding a new home for the PB iron candle holders...
and possibly a new furniture item below...
this is getting more involved by the minute!
(did I mention I hate the paint color on the walls??
I used to love it...)

(please forgive the NON-BLOG WORTHY photo,
as I'm not a blogger prone to posting gorgeous staged photos of my house...
what you see is what you get,
unless I'm super motivated)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Finally done with the dresser I've been working on...

I did a little mixing, because I couldn't decide between grey and blue...
Then I thought, why choose?

It was fairly labor intensive,
this curvy little Bombe dresser of mine...

I love that it's not a shape/style you see all the time...
And the color turned out just perfect!

I'm a little tired this evening,
but feel like my poor Etsy store needs some freshness

Something easy...I'm thinking that Bergere chair in the garage is up next :0)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Heart's Desire

I somehow convinced my sweet husband to take over painting duties
on the now stripped naked table top...
And I get to work on a new project...not a custom, not a repair...
but a piece I can paint to my heart's desire

The handles on this White Furniture dresser are HUGE
I obviously didn't have enough sanding fun today,
because I chose to strip and sand the lacquer
off the top of THIS piece, too...

Check out those curves!
The sides are even curvy, like a Bombe style piece

The details at the bottom are carved wood...yum

and a big ol' stack of ginormous drawers...all curvy, too
So what's the dilema?
I want to paint it pale blue
Blue sells well for me on Etsy
But sits for ever at the store...
hmmm...what to do...
What color would YOU paint it??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

it's just one of those days...

I had one of "those" days today...
actually, one of "those" weeks, now that I ponder it!

I'm a glass half full kind of girl
so I am choosing to see it like this:

Our shipper moved up the pick up date on a custom order
It was due for pick up ten days from TODAY
He decided he needed to get it this week
Forced us to work hard (lots of 4am nights)
But now it's done

We had to drive to Sarasota to meet the freight truck so another order
could make it on this month's run up north
It was an hour's drive, and loading, driving, and unloading it took up our entire Saturday
But we got to go to Yoder's for pie

A piece that we drove to Sarasota to deliver was damaged in transit
But it's better that it happened BEFORE the customer received it

It rained all the way home
But at least the furniture was dry

See, when I write it all down, it doesn't seem like anything at all!

Next week will be a better week, right?
I have a lovely desk, French Bombe dresser,
and Bergere chair just waiting for paint!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gilded Silver Mirror

I have a lovely customer
that loves mirrors as much as I do...

this is her new mirror...

Paris Grey with Old White and gilded silver details...

All tempered with an antique waxed finish

Let's not discuss how many hours of hand-painting went into this...
I think it was time well spent, don't you?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Provence Table

It's amazing what a little colored wax
can do for sanded wood...

And nothing compliments the warm wood better than blue...
Provence Blue, in this case!

I adore how the wax settles into the brush strokes
to create interest and texture

This super cool little table was a custom order
for my friend Errin

Her husband wanted the whole table painted brown...
Clearly, we talked him out of it!

Summer House Marketplace

We've settled into our new location
at Summer House Marketplace

These are photos from around the shop...
it's big store, and I'm not doing it justice...

Every vendor has a slightly different vibe,
and it makes for a really eclectic mix

(OK, so I had to throw in at least ONE photo from our space...
...aren't these old books great?)

If you are even remotely local, this shop is completely worth the trip!
I've been in lots of similar shops and I can unbiasedly state,
Summer House Marketplace ROCKS!

Cherry Bomb

I have paint ADD...
I see the beauty in every color and want to use them ALL

This red, called Emperor's Silk, is delicious
It's deep and rich, and looks fantastic waxed and buffed

It also soaks into wood like there is no tomorrow...
you know how far Chalk Paint usually stretches?
This little knee-high table used up 3/4 of a can!

When we found this little cabinet, it has a busted off leg
(still hanging around but no longer attached!)
And some really ugly handles straight out of Home Depot

I love the slightly Asian influence on this piece,
and I think the red perfectly accents the shape, the details, and the dark interior!

Moral of the story?
It's time to move beyond the Old White, Paris Grey, and Louis Blue trinity!

What about Emile? Greek Blue? Antibes Green?
What, you've already used them? I applaud your fearlessness!

If you haven't, visit your local stockist pronto,
as most are now offering sample sizes for us commitment-a-phobes!
I've been a blog-o-sphere slacker, and I'm sorry!

To say we have been busy is an understatement...
But busy in the best possible way!

We've scored some wonderful finds, and finished a bunch of pieces...all custom orders, I'm afraid.

We have new followers, hooray! Oh, and welcome!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Million Dollar Desk ReImagined

Why, oh why, don't my photos post in the order they were uploaded?

It's very annoying.

Remember the Million Dollar (ok, $800) desk?
She's had a bit of a facelift...

I struggled with this desk...not sure why.
Usually, I know exactly what I want to do with a piece.
First, it was going to be red.
Then white.
Then aqua.
No distressing.
A little distressing.
A LOT of distressing....ah, much better!
Clear only?
Dark wax?

In case you forgot, here's the "before" photo op...
in typical make-over fashion, the "before" shot
features an ugly background and poor lighting...

I decided to let her just "be"...and I think she's lovely.

She's still a bit rough around the edges, but that shabbiness makes her so wonderful.
Wouldn't this desk be fabulous in a little beachside cottage,
with lots of white, and an ocean view?

How about just an ocean view and we forget about the desk?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Storm clouds...

It's been raining like crazy is "sunny Florida" lately...
The skies turn amazing shades of grey...

Got me thinking...wouldn't shades of grey be wonderful on a dining set?

Paris Grey and Graphite fit the bill...
check out that shine!
How much do you love Annie Sloan's wax?

I've pleased with the finished product...
pleased enough to dive in and do the whole dining room set!

It's hard to go wrong with curves, solid wood, and Chalk Paint!