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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Guess what?

Royal Design Studio is awesome...
so awesome, in fact,
 that they are sponsoring a give-away!

A stencil of your choosing, up to $50!

Wanna win?


Here is what you need to do:
(each counts for one entry!)

1. Pay a visit to Royal Design Studio's website and leave ME 
a post about which stencil you would choose

2."Like" RDS on Facebook then come back here and let me know

3. Follow Royal Design Studio on Twitter then let me know you did

4. Check out Royal Design Studio on Pinterest then let me know you did

Easy Peasy, right??

We'll be selecting a winner on Thursday evening
May 31st


Colette Dining Set

Something finally possessed me...
and I decided to get moving
on this HUGE dining set

I don't love painting chairs
I don't love stripping table tops
(especially painted ones!)

But in the end, it's always worth it!

Light-to-moderate distressing
gives this set a time-loved look

Big deal, you say...
doesn't look so HUGE to me...

Yeah, well...

Does it look HUGE now?

That's has THREE leaves!

And a buffet!

Did I mention it also has a CHINA HUTCH
that isn't *quite* finished?

I'm typically NOT a huge fan of stencils...
changed my mind!

For this project, I used their 

If you've used their products before
you know they are fabulous

This is our fifth project 
with Royal Design Studio Stencils
and I've yet to be disappointed! 

Super cool designs
(nothing frumpy or boring here!)
and they are much more durable
 than stencils I've used in the past

I also LOVE how they make it so 
easy to do repeating patterns
by incorporating little "markers"
to help you on your way

The stencil portion of this project
was a breeze, and it saved me
from having to strip the leaves

I think the shot of color and pattern
helps break up what 
expanse of table!

Would you love to try a Royal Design Studio stencil?


Want to purchase this set?

You can find it in our Etsy Shop

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We never did hear from our first winner, 
so we had to draw again...

Congrats to

Sandy A

Here's what she plans to do with the loot:
"We have so many projects planned to start and to finish. 
The knobs would be perfect on a buffet we are painting, 
and I have lots of ideas for what to do with the rest."

Please email me your shipping details!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drum Roll, Please!

The winner of our very first give-away is...


How will Sheila use the items?

"That is Easy! 
i'm in the middle of a kitchen redo & they would happily find their way into it i'm Sure ... 
Especially since i have a "collection" of Beautiful knobs & pulls that are happening in there
 AND i'm lining the backs of my cabinets with Beautiful paper!!! 
how could these vintage inspired Beauties NOT find their way into My kitchen?!? ;)"

Congrats, Sheila!

Please message me with your shipping info :0) 

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's party time!

 In honor of reaching
(and totally surpassing!)
1000 "LIKES"
on FaceBook...

We're having a little GIVEAWAY!
 This giveaway *might* include
a pot of Gilding Wax

 As well as TEN sheets
of fabulous decorative paper
(not the one shown, sorry, but I promise, they are AWESOME!)
Plenty to line drawers or do a few 
decoupage projects!

And a pair of super fancy knobs...

Perfect pieces to inspire a fabulous project...

Oh, and a $75 GC to our Etsy Store

A special THANK YOU
for participating with us!

What do you have to do to enter?

1. Like us FB
3. Follow Robyn's blog 
4. Leave me a comment here telling me what you'll do with the goodies...oh, and if you don't already, follow our BLOG!

Winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, 5/13

Have fun, be inspired, and good luck!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Here's the second piece
from our
Versailles Collection...

It was a rather labor-intensive process
(next time I want to do this to a set with
NINE drawers
remind me I DON'T!)

But in the end, it was well worth it

We've been really, really
busy these last few weeks...

I've finally gotten into the habit of working 
out of the studio
instead of dragging stuff home

I'm getting quite a lot accomplished! 
(no internet will have that effect)

We get so many requests
for items to coordinate
with previously purchased items
from our clients...

This got me thinking...
why not do "collections"
where the items all coordinate
and have the same "feel"?

This dresser, mirror, and vanity
did not come together
and are all from 
different manufacturers
(the vanity, it's mirror, and bench are an actual "set")

I'm loving every piece...

All the above photos are of the vanity
We painted all the pieces Paris Grey
with Pure White accents
before applying Craqueleur
( a two step process that 
creates a lovely, fine crack
on the surface of the paint)
to every surface that was painted Pure White

We then applied dark wax
Gilded the edges
as well as all around each drawer
added fancy knobs
(thank you, Robyn Story Designs
The fabric on the seat is gorgeous, as well...
The second piece in the Versailles Collection
will be featured in a separate blog post,
so I don't overwhelm you with photos!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Time Flies

I am pleased to announce
that I avoided FACEBOOK
nearly all day...

and I didn't really miss anything!


Not to say that wonderful things 
were not posted...
just nothing urgent
no "breaking news"
pertaining to me

I figure if I really need to know
someone will tell me
Usually, when I'm painting at our home studio
I find myself wandering in as paint dries
 to check FB
and you know what happens next, right??
Time magically jumps forward
sometimes by HOURS!
But now, I'm at the studio
without my computer
(by choice)

I even stopped looking at my phone!

The amount of work I got done is AMAZING
I mean, seriously amazing...

So it looks like FB will have to do without my company
a bit more frequently :0)

I'm certain it's a good thing, right Martha?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Does mud stain?

You know,
 I was just reading a great blog that was comparing different paints, 
and it sparked my interest in learning more about another paint product. 
I visited a blog for someone having a giveaway for the product, 
thinking I should give it a fair shake. 
People often ask me about this other paint
and I have no response other than
"I don't know, I've never used it"
Maybe it's great, I thought to myself
It might have different properties
 that lends it to certain projects... 
No harm it at least trying...
Heck, I was not an Annie Sloan fan in the beginning!
I was deterred by the price
the drive to get it
and I hated the wax
Boy, things sure do change! 
They educated me.
They wooed me.
They sold me on it.
The proof was in the pudding...
or in the paint, as the case may be 
I started reading the blog...
And just that fast, I changed my mind. 
Not because I don't believe the product is  good quality, 
but because I can NOT stand they way it is being marketed!

 It reminds me so much of political "mud slinging" campaigns.
 It seems short sighted and so negative...

If you don't know, I have a "day job"
I'm the Marketing Director
for a seven doctor practice
I'm not claiming to be the 
Queen of Marketing...
 (I'm just establishing that I have some experience
in the area)

I've learned it's always the "also ran"
that has to talk so much smack...
Sometimes the "also ran's" 
are great candidates
but the negative campaigning always
 lingers in my mind
and sways my vote

Is the "other camp" mud slinging?
If so, shame on them, too...
but I've not seen it
and I don't expect I will

The company that is confident in it's abilities
and truly believes it's products/services are the best
is the company that relies on it's own merits
and feels no need to "sling mud"
I respect this
and it's how I choose to represent
 myself, my company, even my "day job"
I don't have to make you look bad
in an attempt to make myself look better
I invite my "competitors" to lunch...
take them for coffee...
we sometimes end up friends. 
Why? Because there is room for everyone...
enough business to go around
I enjoy seeing others succeed
Their success does not demean or discredit my own.  

Relying on smear tactics
only breeds a hostile environment
and polarizes people 

I want you to tell me why your product is great,
what special properties it has
why your company is special
Educate me. 
Woo me.
Sell me.

Just don't throw mud at me...

 it's dirty.