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Monday, May 27, 2013

Plum Crazy

To say this project was a "labor of love" would be an understatement

The lovely little secretary was brought to us in pieces, literally!

(and not all of them were present and accounted for!)

We decided to use the latest color from our collaboration with 
It's deep, rich, and velvety...just like a plum!

The inside of the drop desk reminded us of India,
so we opted to just go for it...
making this piece colorful and joyous
vibrant and alive

Plum Crazy drove us a little, well, crazy...
it's a bit harder to mix than some other colors...
hot water and LOTS of stirring eventually did the trick
and the outcome is clearly lovely!

We hope you LOVE it like we do!

Kenny and Michele

Thursday, May 23, 2013

We're all Winners...

We've entered a contest
being hosted by Modern Masters

We want to win!

Not because of pride
(although we would be proud to win!)

We just REALLY want the prize!
$250 worth of product from Modern Masters!

You see, we are in the midst of a kitchen remodel

We purchased lovely tin ceiling tiles that need to be refinished
We have been tossing around some ideas
and decided they would be amazing done in MM Metal Effects

Please click here to vote
You can vote once a day until 5/27

Kenny and Michele

Monday, May 20, 2013



Brought to FL from Flushing, NY
by it's original owner

This set is AMAZING...

Solid, heavy wood
Brass hardware...
yeah, it's ALL good

I'll shut up and let the photos do the talkin'

The King Headboard

The Triple Dresser

The Gorgeous Mirror

The Tallboy

And the Bombe Nightstands!

Bombe style pieces are hard to find...
it's pretty amazing that we happened upon TWO complete sets!

This will be offered up as a custom painted item in our Etsy Shop
(until I get a whim and paint it!)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stonewall Jackson aka The General

Remember this cute server?

It was very unusual, and we considered keeping it...

which would mean my current server had to go...
I'm a bit attached to it, so I opted to keep it
and let this one go

We didn't have much of a plan in mind for this piece
until we received a parcel from Maison Blanche
full of products for us to try!

Inside, Wrought Iron and Hurricane sparked our imagination

We mixed the two colors to create a rich gunmetal grey
We were calling it Confederate Grey,
then realized Maison Blanche has a color called Confederate Grey!
We dubbed this piece Stonewall Jackson, aka "The General"

Call it whatever you'd's a gorgeous shade!

Outside, the color read a touch deeper, 
but doesn't it remind you of a Confederate General's Uniform?

The gilding perfects contrasts with the more rustic look 
of the cracked and textured white areas

We adore how this piece turned out...
a perfect balance of masculine and feminine
rustic and elegant
dark and light

The size makes it ideal for a buffet, media center, changing many options!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kenny and Michele

Thursday, May 16, 2013


no, not me...the finish! 

We received some fun products from Maison Blanche Paint Company
and of course, Colette was the first color I tried!

I only had a sample size of this amazing color,
so I selected a smaller piece...
I love the color so much, I'm going to do a dresser in it soon!

I found the paint to be smooth and creamy
and a little bit thicker than what I'm used to
I added a bit of water to the small pot until the consistency was what I wanted
Even without diluting, it was easy to work with
and the coverage was great with this color
I used two coats on this piece

Of course, I'll save all the details and opinions for a larger project,
as this one was pretty small

I applied one coat of MB's Antique Wax in Dark Brown
The upside of this wax is that it is VERY easy to apply...
and equally easy to remove.
If dark wax intimidates you, this is the product you want to try next time
For me, the downside was that even the Dark Brown wasn't as dark as I like
(that's the trade off...the thinner wax means easy to apply and remove but less color saturation)

I could have applied multiple coats (I'll try that next time)
but I also received a product I've been itching to try...

 This product was easy to use, but heed the warning about it being messy...
it's like dusting, well, finely ground dirt! 

 I adore the color Le Dirt adds...a soft greyish tone
that I can't wait to try over white and pale grey

Of course, it settles in all the same areas wax settles in to, 
highlighting the nooks and crannies

I'm very pleased with how the products perform
and we're looking forward to trying a few more colors and ancillary products

This cute shelf is currently for sale in our Etsy shop