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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quick Tour...

Stopped by 607 Vintage MarketPlace today
to drop off a few items
(and to see what goodies everyone else brought in!)

Thursday is THE DAY...!
(unless, of course, Largo doesn't cooperate!)

I thought I'd share a few more preview photos...

 Used Modern Masters on this charming little coffee table

LOVE doing these mirrors...
Lacquer on the frame, Antique Mirror Solution to distress the glass...
the mix of glossy, shiny, and distressed/aged is perfect, don't you think?

The detail on the mirrors is just stunning...but hard to capture in a photo!

  Pretty, shiny things...

 lots and lots of pretty, shiny things!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

607 Vintage MarketPlace Preview

We've been diligently working on our new vendor space at

It's coming together EXACTLY like I envisioned...
I couldn't be happier!

We still have a few days worth of work to do
(painting, know how it goes!)
but I wanted to share a glimpse with you!

 Hardware going on tomorrow...
and how cool is that arrow?  

 I'm still SWOONING over our washed pallet wall!
(and how about those adorable growth charts on the left?)

 This mirror is already getting tons of attention...I don't expect it will last too long!

 Silver leaf nightstand...awaiting antique wax (tomorrow!)

 custom lighting

We didn't want our new retail space to just be a 
duplicate of our store

Because this space is smaller, we were able to really edit our look
It's sort of beach house meets farmhouse meets chateau...
but somehow, it all really works

We certainly hope you'll pass us a visit!

607 Vintage Marketplace opens on Friday, 8/15

See you then! 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pallet Wall

We've been hard at work on our new retail space at 

I have to admit, this is BY FAR my favorite space EVER...
I love it even more than our retail store

I can't wait to share lots and lots of photos with you! 

Our first project was a pallet wall
We planned on doing a pallet wall in our space in Tarpon Springs,
but then Kenny was in a motorcycle accident
and we went the quick and easy route instead

I didn't want the warm honey tones that pallets sometimes have
I wanted soft whites, greys, etc...

I used a variety of products to achieve the look I was after

Liming Wax from Amy Howard at Home
worked wonderful on the pallets that had a more pronounced grain

For the other pieces, I diluted the following:
Bauhaus Buff One Step Paint
Custom mixed greys using One Step
Remis Grey Toscana Paint
Pompeii Grey Toscana Paint

Here's a sneak peek...
we're saving the finished product for our "big" reveal
once our space is staged...

Don't forget...if you're local,
is Friday, August 15th! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

High Performance Lacquer Spray...where have you been all my life?

Need a make-over in a minute?
(ok, maybe more than a minute...but FAST!)

I was dreading painting all the nooks and crannies of this 
gorgeous TWIN headboard

This piece is solid metal, painted in enamel, circa 1950's
It was pretty dirty!

I thought it would be an ideal candidate for 
in gorgeous BELIZE

To prep, I simply took the headboard out back and hosed it off
using the highest pressure setting on the nozzle

Then, I left it to dry in the sun...
(which took about 10 seconds in this heat!)

Once dry, I spread out cardboard and laid the headboard down
(I've found that spraying with a piece like this straight up and down 
makes for missed bits)

The nozzle on the Lacquer Spray is like no-other...
it sprays in a FAN, not in a circle like most spray paints
and the nozzle turns...yep, TURNS!
You can adjust it for spraying horizontal or vertical

With spray paint, slow and steady wins the race...
you're not applying hairspray!

Side to side, releasing the nozzle after each pass

TA DA...the finished piece!

The shine is incredible...and this is BEFORE the Bright Idea Clear Lacquer Spray...
(you can add this for even MORE shine and an added layer of durability)

I used one can for this headboard..not bad, right?
(When I've done dressers, I've used four cans or more, based on size)

This project took less than an hour, including hosing it off!

If you're intrigued by Lacquer, but intimidated, I urge you to give it a try!
Successful spraying does take a little practice, but pieces like this are so forgiving

Be Brave and Have Fun!


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Knock Knock

Knock Knock...
Who's there?  


Tick Tock One Step Paint, that is!

Our front door was desperately in need of some assistance...
a perky pick-me-up
(and a good pressure washing!)

Before was such a snooze-fest...
zero personality...
this is the color it's been since we moved in...and I've hated it every day since
but you know how it get so used to looking at it,
you don't even notice it anymore

Now it looks refreshed and playful

I realize vibrant aqua isn't for everyone...
we live on the coast of FL...
land of sun and surf, palm trees and hibiscus
An aqua door isn't the least bit out of place!

Here are the steps:
1. clean the door- I pressure washed about a month ago, then cleaned the door with soap and water before painting. Pressure washing isn't necessary.

2. Paint with chosen color of One Step Paint from Amy Howard at Home
We selected Tick Tock after much debate...the lighter color over the somewhat darker oil-based paint took three coats

3. Seal- I used Clear Wax, applied sparingly, and buffed once dry.  You could also seal with poly, but we've found the AHaH wax is durable enough to use on our front door.  

4. Decorate your new front door
 (then lament as you realize now your house REALLY needs painted!)

Isn't it funny how one project leads to five, ten, TWENTY more?

I'm already looking at paint colors for the house and garage...
and the weather stripping around the door needs replaced...
and the landscaping could use some refreshing...
and the fence is looking pretty shabby....

Thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mixing it up

With 42 One Step colors at my disposal,
you'd think I would be content...
but of course, I'm not!

I see it as 42 colors with INFINITE possibilities!

Using the newest One Step colors 
(American Dream, Tick Tock, Get in Gear, and Table for One)
you can create some equally stunning new shades!

By mixing 75% Get in Gear with 25% American Dream
you can create a gorgeous, rich teal
(right and layered on center)

Equal parts Get in Gear and Tick Tock creates the gorgeous aqua green 
(left and base coat on center)

Blues not for you?

A lovely melon can be created using 
equal parts Table for One and Massey Hill

Add a generous tablespoon of Charm School to the above mixture to create a vibrant coral...

The options are limited only by your imagination:

American Dream + Table for One = Periwinkle
Tick Tock + Credenza = Soft Mint Green
Charm School + American Dream = Vibrant Purple
Orchid + Table for One + Charm School = Raspberry Pink

Don't be intimidated by color! 
Start small...pretend you are finger painting...mix little bits of this and that on a sample board
until you like the direction it's headed...


I'd love to know what colors you've created! 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Put Down the Sandpaper

this is a plea....
a plea to put DOWN the orbital sander, the palm sander, 
and GASP, the belt sander!

I'm guilty of it...we all are
even if you haven't done it, you've seen it:
swirl marks, "bite marks",
 areas where the sander has burned right through the paint and the original surface,
 revealing the raw wood

The more I learn about authentic painted finishes...
the more I studied actual wear on antique pieces...
the less I reach for a mechanical sander

Distressed finishes are GORGEOUS!

 even after 100+ years, you still don't see much wear down to the wood...

 More wood showing, but it is a soft, natural effect...
thousands of fingertips brushing the edges, gently polishing the surface below the paint...
it's not rough
Water-marks, a little dirty around the edges...gently worn paint

 Notice these authentic finishes have an antique tint, 
but the color isn't covered in a layer of dark wax...
save the dark wax for the areas that would naturally get a bit dirtier...
the edges, the feet, etc

 Stunning finish...layers of paint, no discernible pattern to the wear
this could have been created yesterday or 150 years ago...

 worn, layered...subtle wear to the wood below
 I'm personally drawn to these chippy, layered, textural finishes

These finishes are not your standard 
"chalk paint, distress, clear wax, dark wax" 
that we're all accustomed to

There is a whole world of options for aging your pieces...

and none of them involve a belt sander :0) 

Tutorials coming later this week...