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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Before & After French Provincial Buffet and Hutch

Remember these guys?

 They are solid wood but "eh" 
sort of orange in color

My vision?

Creamy white with a grey wash

The orange, however, did NOT want to leave...
it bled through...and bled through...and bled through

It bled through FOUR coats of primer
on the china cabinet...

I know when I'm beat...

Buh-bye dreams of white...

Hello, AHaH's Graphite!

Not to be confused with ASCP's Graphite color...
this version of Graphite is much more brown than grey
a perfectly lovely greige!

I used a creamy white glaze to knock back the brown a bit
and I'm thrilled with the outcome

Light distressing shows off the white beneath

I kept the interior white, but glazed it to disguise any bleed through issues

The buffet, thankfully, had minimal bleed through issues...
and I was able to go with the creamy white

I opted for a warm antique glaze instead of grey
so it would coordinate nicely with the china hutch

I've had these mirrors for awhile...the dresser they went with sold right away,
before I had time to complete the mirrors

Wouldn't this buffet be fabulous re-purposed as a double sink with the mirrors over each side?  
Or what about a changing table...

Love that there are so many options!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Belgian Dining Set Before and After

Talk about STUNNING...

We purchased this dining suite well over a year ago
(maybe two?  Who can keep track?)
and although it's stunningly gorgeous,
it need a LOT of prep work

(the china cabinet is still in the works...coming SOON!)

The enamel (oil paint) was old and chipping away,
so it had to ALL be scrapped off
NOT a fun task on a set this large, and with so many carved details
The cushions were shot
and needed new foam and batting 
before we could even think about fabric

And the tabletop was scratched up pretty badly
(but just look at that marquetry...swoon!)

After two weeks' worth of scrapping
two coats of primer
two coats of Snow White paint
two coats of clear sealant
and a pretty grey glaze...
she's ready to shine again

This one is hard for me to part with...
I love all the carved details
the mitered top
the roomy seats

It's pretty fabulous!

We also scored this amazing farmhouse table
with iron-work underneath
and original paint

we paired the table with these great French Provincial chairs
They were NASTY when we picked them up...
covered in dirt and the cushions were so bad if you touched them,
you were surrounded by a cloud of dust...yuck.

They're much improved now, sporting Java from Amy Howard at Home
The fabric is an uber cool repro European grainsack
(thank you, DecorSteals!) 

That's Linen with a dark glaze on the formerly-ugly-brass lamps...

Both of these sets are available

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weathered Grey Nightstands Before & After

We love it when great pieces like these 
just turn up at the studio...
we have a fabulous network
 and they know EXACTLY what I love

I know, right?

Made by my favorite manufacturer
White Fine Furniture Co

(sorry, no pics yet of the finished is HUGE
and quite heavy)

Lately, I've been really loving the idea of making pieces
look old and weathered without actually distressing them
and I can't get enough of white and grey

Cage-front nightstands have gotten harder and harder to find!

Instead of our usual fancy finish with gold leaf, etc
we kept these pretty simple
with Snow White from General Finishes

On top of the Snow White, Black glaze, watered down
and heavily wiped back

In insides are fresh and clean with Snow White paint 
and several coats of General Finishes Satin topcoat

The hardware is a custom mixed color using One Step Paint
sealed with Satin topcoat from GF

The coordinating dresser wears the same finish
and turned out lovely

I can visualize this set in an all white bedroom
with touches of grey linen on the bed...

You can find these pieces,
as well as the matching dresser
exclusively at 

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Table for Ten

I love to buy dining sets.
I do not love to paint dining sets.

It's no secret my favorite French Provincial manufacturer
is White Fine Furniture

This set...yeah, it's made by White
Oh happy day!

Sort of makes me hate painting chairs 
and stripping tabletops a LITTLE less

 The table comes with a pair of leaves, and is able to seat 10

That gorgeous stain?
None other than Gel Stain from General Finishes
(available locally at Marcotte's, right next door to 607!)
I sealed the stain with General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish
(food safe)

The chairs had horrible blue fabric...
I'm not a great upholsterer, so I painted both sides of the back
In Amy Howard at Home's One Step Paint in Linen
and only recovered the seats

The upholstery tacks give it a more finished look, I think

and much do you LOVE this fabric?
I have LOTS of it left...looking forward to using it again

You can see this gorgeous table at 607 Vintage Marketplace


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Musical Chairs (and Tables!)

Inevitably, when I price tables and chair independently
the chairs I replace the chairs, 
then the table sells, so I replace the table
and on and on it goes...

This pretty lime washed table sold quickly,
so we replaced it with this sweet grey pedestal table
(also lime washed)

Of course, right after we delivered the table to 607 Vintage Marketplace
the chairs sold!

The pedestal table is really well suited to a breakfast nook
or small dining area
so this time, we went with a pair of great chairs
and priced the set TOGETHER

The chairs are done in the palest grey
and don't you love the grey roses on the cushions?

 I love the unusual shield back shape and curvy feet on these chairs
as well as the large cane...they have a really cool, modern vibe

My In-Laws brought a ton of fabulous antique metal boxes and cans back
from their recent road trip to Ohio

We cleaned them up with some linseed oil, which preserves the patina
while restoring some of the luster

They make quirky cases and display pieces! 
(these may still make their way back to our home!)



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Few of Our Favorite Things

No, I did NOT get a "before"
I know...I'm really terrible about that

close your eyes and visualize very light golden pine...
yep, you've got it. 
Not pretty.

Nothing, of course, that a little paint won't fix!

I call this my FAVORITE THINGS dresser
because I used some of my favorite products to complete it

 I've really come to embrace these dramatic triple mirrors...
they really make a huge statement!
(also, that little sign sums up my life...
it's not perfect, but my hair sure is!)

This is a much better representation of the true color
I used Luxe Grey from Amy Howard at Home's One Step Paint line for the base
(and on the hardware)

The hardware simply received two coats of OSP, wax, and Dust of Ages
Our wax of choice is Carnauba Wax from Real Milk Paint Co

I wanted the body of the dresser to be a bit more dramatic
(not as soft as the hardware)
so I used a custom blend of General Finishes Glazes

I'm crazy about how the glaze settled into the oak, highlighting the grain and the wear marks
(I know they are fabricated to mimic age, but who cares...they looks amazing!)

Here's a run-down of a few of my FAVORITE THINGS:

What are your favorite, "go to" products?


Friday, November 7, 2014

Eastlake Bookcase...NO, we don't paint everything!

We're sort of known for our painted pieces
but did you know we also do complete restorations?
(are you shocked we don't paint EVERYTHING?)

I shouldn't say "we" as I want no part of stripping,sanding, staining...
no thanks!

Ken, however, is THE MAN
when it comes to restoring furniture to it's former glory

This stunning Eastlake bookcase
had sentimental value for our clients...
it's always such a privilege to be entrusted with pieces 
that hold such meaning

I can't locate a "before" shot, 
but it had water damage,
the three piers no longer fit together,
the finish was rough,
the hardware was...actually, I have no words!
And to top it all off, it was no longer level

A challenge, to be sure

If you HATE stripping and sanding like I do
you will find these photos unsettling
(when I think of the HOURS of hand sanding all those nooks and crannies...YIKES)

It's amazing how, 
after removing all the gunky build-up from repeated cleanings and re-staining,
the details come to life!
It's really quite beautiful in this natural state

The necessary repairs were made, the hardware was cleaned, and the pieces were stained
then sealed with a hand rubbed poly finish
(looks and feels like a buffed and waxed finish but more durable)

Seriously, this thing is STUNNING

Ken's sad to part with it...
he says it's been a pleasure to have in the studio

It's ready now to steal the show for another 100 years!

Thanks for stopping by!