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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cherry Bomb

I have paint ADD...
I see the beauty in every color and want to use them ALL

This red, called Emperor's Silk, is delicious
It's deep and rich, and looks fantastic waxed and buffed

It also soaks into wood like there is no tomorrow...
you know how far Chalk Paint usually stretches?
This little knee-high table used up 3/4 of a can!

When we found this little cabinet, it has a busted off leg
(still hanging around but no longer attached!)
And some really ugly handles straight out of Home Depot

I love the slightly Asian influence on this piece,
and I think the red perfectly accents the shape, the details, and the dark interior!

Moral of the story?
It's time to move beyond the Old White, Paris Grey, and Louis Blue trinity!

What about Emile? Greek Blue? Antibes Green?
What, you've already used them? I applaud your fearlessness!

If you haven't, visit your local stockist pronto,
as most are now offering sample sizes for us commitment-a-phobes!

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