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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chevron Striped Storage

We finished this gorgeous piece about a week ago...
and FINALLY got around to getting photos..

(it's huge, it's been rainy, it's very hot, and yes, we've been feeling a bit LAZY)

I wasn't "sold" on this piece when I first saw it...
the chunky hardware didn't make me swoon
It was black and gunky!


The price was right, so we carted it home...
boy, we're SO happy we did!

Isn't this a lovely piece now?

We chose a color we like to call "Confederate Grey"
it's a custom mix that makes the most perfect grey w warm undertones

We used Ochre to highlight some of the details 
like the drawer surrounds and the top

We love the gilding along the curves...
and of course, on the hardware

On the back, we contemplated a few options before settling on this Chevron fabric
in the perfect shades of Ochre and Grey

Inside are two glass shelves
(not pictured)
for displaying...whatever!

Jessica, from Stellar Junk suggested using it to display and store
Isn't that genius?  

We can also see it in a bathroom, holding towels and soap
or in a bedroom holding perfume, folded sweaters, jeans...

Of course, it's perfectly lovely as intended, as a dining room piece, too!

You can find this piece in our Etsy Shop

Monday, July 29, 2013

Drexel, parlor chairs, French Provincial, OH MY!

I planned on painting today...really, I did!

But I got to the studio, and suddenly had the urge to go look for furniture
and who am I to argue with that?  

Now, we know Mondays are NOT a good day, but I was not going to be swayed
(and it didn't take much convincing to get Kenny to agree!)

We headed off to our usual haunts
without success

We stopped by a few shops to say hello to the owners 
(who were not in!)

It was shaping up to be a fruitless day

On our way home,
one of our picker friends called
to give us first dibs


Kenny INSISTED on buying these...
he wants them for his man-cave
I envisioned a Chesterfield leather sofa, but whatever!

I think this charming parlor chair *might* be my new desk chair


Someone painted them an unfortunate shade of avocado green 
(latex, no less)
but these pieces will be looking oh so lovely very soon!

The irony of this situation?

Our picker friend is in the same industrial park as our studio...
we could have stayed put and still landed these goodies :0)  

Love when the good stuff finds us!

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Celebration of Cuteness, a Sad Farewell

If you've met us
(or maybe if you haven't!)
you know that Kenny's constant companion is a sweet little Budgie named Pierre
If he's not with us, the first question is NOT
"hi, how are you?"
it's "where's Pierre?"

Pierre has traveled with us hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Visited Washington, DC
(how many parakeets have been to the Smithsonian?)

 (you can just see Pierre peeking out of Kenny's hand)

He's checked out George Washington's digs at Mt. Vernon

 (Pierre is wandering down Keegan's shirt to eat the map!)

And he even got to meet Annie Sloan

I have to admit, sometimes I just want to get on with whatever it is we are doing...
and when your significant other is carrying a sweet little bird,
everyone wants to stop and ask you about it

I'd think "oh no, here we go..."
but then, I realized the HUGE smiles that little bird brought to everyone
Seeing that little green Budgie really brightened peoples' day!

See, not only cute, that bird did tricks...
headstands, flipping over, pretending to to be a bat
Kids and adults alike were enthralled

Sadly, Pierre started acting "off" yesterday
and didn't last the day.

We'll miss that well-traveled little bird!
(as will many others)

Kenny and Michele

Monday, July 22, 2013

Prettiest in Pink

We don't share too many "Before and Afters"
because the "Befores" pretty much look the same..
Dated yellowed finish or wood in mediocre shape
but over-all, not to bad

Well, this girl was a DIFFERENT story!

Chunks of missing molding, drawers that were wonky (and ugly inside!)
Missing hardware, chipped up wood...basically, a basket case!

Kudos to the client for her faith in us...
when I showed her this dresser as an option for her yet-unborn daughter's nursery,
she didn't run screaming!  

We're hoping she's glad!

Poor Kenny...he does all the really hard work
(cleaning, staining, repairing)
and I swoop in, do the fun work (painting and glazing!)
and I get ALL the

But seriously, without his skill and expertise
(and crazy attention to detail)
a piece like this would have been left behind by me...

Didn't it turn out lovely?

If you are wondering, this hot pink is custom mixed Chalk Paint, sealed and glazed

This item is already sold
(and on it's way to Chicago as we speak!)

(but SO worth the effort!)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spun Sugar

This dresser is so's reminiscent of spun sugar!

Soft, shimmery metallic White Pearl (sheer) from 
over a pale grey painted base coat

We used a light antique glaze to highlight the carved details and 
to add warmth to the silvery finish 

Royal Design Studio's Ribbon Damask is one of our favorites
and it perfectly fit inside the oval panel

We envision this petite piece in a nursery...wouldn't that be just lovely?

You can find this item in our Etsy Shop

Black Tie Affair

Remember that great Henredon suite we bought last week?
All the pieces sold right away except for the tallboy...
she just didn't have room

We really love the clean lines
The French Provincial curves are still there, but it's not at all fussy

so we opted to work with that 
playing up the masculine and feminine

Wondering what paint we used for this rich, silky black?
(and you thought it was only for a chippy, rustic finish!)

We wanted a little "somethin' somethin' "
so we cropped a stencil
to fit the drawer face

We're quite pleased with the final look...
The stencil on a single drawer makes a statement without drawing too much focus
from the piece itself

You can find this in our Etsy Shop