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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Heart's Desire

I somehow convinced my sweet husband to take over painting duties
on the now stripped naked table top...
And I get to work on a new project...not a custom, not a repair...
but a piece I can paint to my heart's desire

The handles on this White Furniture dresser are HUGE
I obviously didn't have enough sanding fun today,
because I chose to strip and sand the lacquer
off the top of THIS piece, too...

Check out those curves!
The sides are even curvy, like a Bombe style piece

The details at the bottom are carved wood...yum

and a big ol' stack of ginormous drawers...all curvy, too
So what's the dilema?
I want to paint it pale blue
Blue sells well for me on Etsy
But sits for ever at the store...
hmmm...what to do...
What color would YOU paint it??


  1. How about some drama with ASCP Emperor's Silk or Antibes Green and some dark wax?

  2. I love Antibes....but alas, none here and I'm not waiting until Tuesday to I think I want a soft color for this piece...the shape is so dramatic already!
    Maybe I'll pick up some Antibes next week for another piece...

  3. what about paris grey and then old white on the curves? too boring? I did a table with paris grey the other day and then I made a colored dark grey wax with graphite and old white and clear wax and a little mineral spirits to thin it and I washed it over the piece unevenly and it came out very nice. Also, I have been eyeballing some of these dressers like this to paint. Do you need to strip off that lacquer? might not purchase if you do!! I love your stuff!!

  4. Mary Jean, I adore that color combo...I did the most amazing night stand in those colors. I'd love to see your piece, especially with the graphite tinted wax! Feel free to post a pic or email one and I'll post for you
    With regard the provincial furniture, I do recommend just makes me more confident that my finish will withstand shipping!