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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scatterbrained...or just too busy!

This What a time investment!

It turned out gorgeous, thank goodness.

The base and chairs were easy enough, as was the body of the buffet
But I didn't like the tops being Paris Grey
Nor did I like the mix I made with Graphite and Paris Grey
(although I painted two coats before I decided this...)

So I painted the tops Graphite.
It's a gorgeous color, but it shows every little imperfection in your paint technique,
every brush stroke

I painted two coats of Graphite, gave up, and had my husband paint two coats...
he's the more precise painter

In the end, it took a moderate amount of distressing
followed by dark wax to make me happy.
Well, happy-ish...

Then, I didn't buy enough fabric to cover the chairs...ouch.
Did I mention it was $49/yard?

We loaded it up, took it to Summer House Marketplace, unloaded it, and realized the paint had bubbled on the top from the heat.
You're kidding, right?

It's all fixed and wonderful now...
but I forgot to take pictures out in the peacock's playground
so I was left to take passable photos indoors, in our half empty space.

As I was unhappily posting to Etsy (unhappy with the photos, not unhappy in general...)
I realized I forgot to measure the table.
That's it. I quit.

I went to Datz Deli and soothed my fazzled nerves with a roasted veggie sami
and some bacon mac n' cheese.
That's right...Bacon. And Mac n' Cheese. Together.

I feel much better now.
Unfortunately, my jeans are a bit snug...


  1. LOVE the table. Try a sponge roller! :-)

  2. @Patina...thanks! And I DID...oy. This table, I can not even tell you what a headache it was...streaky, uneven, didn't want to stick...glad it's done!