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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have I been neglectful?

I know, I have not listed anything new on Etsy for too long...
This table has actually been done for two weeks...what a slacker I am!

This little cutie was a candidate for my house...
but alas, I need something a bit bigger

This dresser is's currently listed as a custom commission
but I doubt it will make to Friday, unpainted...

This mirror is amazing.
The details are incredible,
and it's so OLD...I love all the history.
Just imagine all the folks that have peered into it's frame?
This is available at Summer House.
Frankly, I'm afraid to ship it!

And lastly, these sweet sconces/shelves
I used a pair of these like brackets to hold a longer shelf,
and everyone asks where I got them...

Don't you love it when you have it and NO ONE else can get it?

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