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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Craqueleur and Gilding Wax

ASCP, Craqueleur, and Gilding Wax, OH MY!

I decided to try a few new things this week
slightly thickening my paint
Gilding Wax
and Craqueleur

Because I am lazy
I decided to do all three
on one piece...

Something very Old World
and European...
oh, who am I kidding...
Old World and FRENCH!

(these open door pics always
remind me of a flasher...!)
To thicken the paint
we just left the top off for about 45 minutes
(we only thickened the white...)

The Craqueleur was very easy to use...
just wait for your paint to dry
brush on #1 in an even coat

Allow #1 to dry, then brush on #2
As you can see, I used random strokes
and I went heavier in some places
lighter in others

Although you could use a dryer
or heat gun on low
Because we live in Florida
and it's hot
I opted to simply let them dry outside
in the sunshine...

The Craqueleur acts as a barrier
for the dark wax
so there is no need to clear wax
areas that have the Craqueleur applied

The gilding wax is also so easy...
just brush or rub it on.
That's it.
So simple.
It's the consistency of soft butter
and spreads just as easily

We're quite pleased with the outcome
of this little experiment...
we hope you enjoy it, as well!

You can find these products
Annie Sloan's site
or contact your local ASCP retailer!


  1. As usual, TOP NOTCH!!

  2. Why Annie Sloan, you are making me BLUSH! Thank you so much!

  3. I can't believe you got a comment from Annie now that's pretty cool. Very lovely.

  4. LOVE the Gilding wax and Craqueleur! This flasher turned out fabo! I need a quart size I think I will be guilding everything...spun gold in butter form I say;)

  5. I am thinking of purchasing the gilding wax. Have you used RubnBuff and if so how do the two differ? From the looks of it it seems a lot thinner making it easier to apply than RubnBuff?

  6. What a beautiful piece. I'm thinking of trying either the Craqueleur or Gilding for a mirror I'm going to refinish. You make it sound easy. I hope it is!

  7. I found this post via Pinterest. I have followed you via Bloglovin' for a while and love your pieces! Thought you might be interested in a craqueleur finish that doesn't cost 8 zillion dollars and gets (IMHO) a more predictable result!

    I have the ASCP Craqueleur and liked the look, but couldn't justify tiny bottles for so much money.

    On a whim, I painted on some old, Behr crackle medium and let it dry. I then took clear Polyacrylic (no yellowing!) and painted that over it. Then I waxed it with dark wax. The effect is amazing. It finally looks like actual aging rather than a technique to create aging.

    Your pieces and color combinations are very inspiring to me. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  8. Is the main color chateau grey or provence?