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Friday, March 30, 2012

Annie Sloan Unfolded...Unedited!

Welcome, indeed!

Wouldn't you love to have a pot
of every color
at your disposal?
(OK, so we might ALMOST
have every color, but still...)

In case you live under a rock and haven't heard
Annie Sloan Fabrics are coming...
Most are double width
to make lovely curtains and bedding
not to mention upholstery!

I tried out the new brushes
and I'm going to be beating down
doors to get one
just as soon as they are available!

Annie was such a great sport...
game for anything...

This is Antoinette,
as you can see,
she lost her head AND her skirt!

Even Pierre got in on the action!

We tossed around the idea of going to this event
from the moment it was announced

We knew we WANTED to go...
but it involved reworking my work schedule
taking time off work
arranging daycare
driving to Atlanta
driving home from Atlanta...
well, you get the idea!

We knew the class would cover the basics
and I *think* we've pretty much mastered the basics!

But, I mean, really...who would pass up
the opportunity to sit in front of
Annie Sloan and listen to her
talk about her products
and color theory?
(am I a complete DORK for wanting my books signed??)

It was time well say the least!

Annie's passion for color and her paint
comes across in every word
and it's infectious
(ok, so her charming accent and fabulous sense of humor
didn't hurt, either!)

The break-out session was great fun!
As expected, all the stockists
had their space done up right!
They're also so passionate about
Annie's paint
and you can tell
they genuinely want you to have
a great experience
with these products

We met so many great people
and had fun playing in the paint!

My friend and fellow painter,
Anne of GypsyFleur
flew in at the last minute
(million dollar air fare not to
mention cab ride from Buckhead!)
See, I'm not the only one crazy for this paint!

Annie stopped in to say hello and talk a bit about her business
I was struck by her desire to allow each stockist
to just be....themselves.
No franchises, no McStores...
just great shops selling great paint, among other things!
She mentioned how disappointed she was to find the Gap store in NY
was just the same as the Gap store in England...
so know just what to expect
This isn't what she hopes you'll find when you walk
in to an ASCP Stockists shop!

She doesn't aim to be stocked on the shelves
at the Big Box stores
She just wants to share her passion and her paint
with homemakers
and like-minded folks
she wants it to be fun, and quick
but also fantastic

Her company, as well as her products,
aren't trying to be something they aren't
or to be like someone or something else...

This philosophy resonates with us
and makes us proud to say we use these products
almost exclusively

But I digress...back to our day in Atlanta...

The book signing was great fun
and Annie graciously invited us
the the after-party

We felt a bit like interlopers
but, again, who turns down an opportunity like that?

I don't know about you, but when Annie Sloan
invites us to an event, we are GOING...

The shin-dig was held in the loveliest little town
Senoia, GA
at the loviest little B & B
The Veranda

Azalea's in bloom all around the wrap-around porch
Antiques everywhere you looked
chandeliers, tin ceilings...oh my

The innkeepers were charming
and the southern fare was fabulous
(peach tea, homemade pimento spread, sweet potato biscuits,
bacon stuffed tomatoes
pecans, banana pudding...I could go on and on...and on!)
If you find yourself outside Atlanta, stop in and say hello!

Kenny spent a great deal of time chatting with Annie's husband, David...
I'm sure he was grateful to have a guy to talk to
after spending all this time surrounded by women
gushing about paint!
(David, I mean...Kenny was more than happy
to be surrounded by women
and to gush about paint!)

Annie and David were the loveliest sort of people,
and it was an honor as well as a pleasure to be included
in such great company

We owe a HUGE thank you
Annie Sloan
for all their
kind words
(OK, and their PAINT)


  1. Gee, do I note a tad of gushing enthusiasm? ;)

    JK. Thrilled to read everything on her tour. Thanks so much for sharing and love the pictures.

  2. Sounds like you all had a blast. I can't wait to hear everything you all learned.

  3. HA HA! I just saw this! I am LOCO for paying that airfare, but so worth listening to Annie and all the fun we had that day goofing around,getting a peek into the colorful mind of Cheeky Miss Annie;)we may have had to jump through hoops, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...but can't imagine missing that opportunity. Sure, I need to hit the bank for a small loan now...but hey! LOL