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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vive la Difference

All the pieces in this post
have been painted with Milk Paint

In our little Stiltskin Studios universe
there's only TWO kinds of paint
Milk Paint
Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

Before we discovered ASCP
Milk Paint was our weapon of choice

Like ASCP, Milk Paint is environmentally friendly
and comes in authentic historical colors
you can mix and match

If I said I enjoyed using Milk Paint
I would be lying...
why do I use it, then, you ask?

I don't use it very often
but sometimes,
when I have an old piece
that's very "farmhouse" looking to me
and I want a very distressed finish
I choose milk paint

I only like milk paint
on very distressed pieces
because the coverage is not-so-great
(especially if you are accustomed to ASCP!)
and it can be a little messy
(ok, a lot messy)
Also, if you're mixing your own from powder
it doesn't hold...
you have to use it or lose it...

Milk paint is also very unpredictable
so on a very distressed piece, it's great

it may crack, chip, discolor...who knows...
but that's part of it's charm.

It's a poor choice for anything with a shiny surface
such as those 1950's repro French Provincial pieces
we all love...

It's also incredibly durable

For 95% of our projects,
ASCP is our one and only choice...
the finishes are lovely
the colors, divine
and of course,
the coverage and ease of use!

I'm not knocking on milk paint..
it certainly has it's fans
Heck, I'm a fan for SOME projects

But for us, ASCP makes painting
a much more pleasant experience!

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