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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sharing the Love

As we were moving all our paint
over to the new studio
I realized I have much milk paint.
very much.
Like, a lot. 

 As you probably well know,
and swept me right off my feet...
so there sat my former love 
(ok, at least "like")
getting dusty and feeling neglected

 I've been wanting a more vibrant
turquoise and decided I'd dust off the Milk Paint
I custom mixed this color
and had the PERFECT dresser for it...
it was not perfect at all
and that was the beauty of it...
bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches
like I said, perfect! 

 As you can see from the photos
Milk Paint is a bit different than Chalk Paint
You have to really have the  right piece in mind
and let go of control a bit...
'cause you're never sure exactly what you're going to get
Sometimes, that's part of the charm!

These photos are after THREE coats...
with no manual distressing...
it's just how it covers. 
It's one of the best and 
one of the worst aspects of Milk Paint 

If I wanted full coverage, I'd be in for a long night!!

 We like to use an additive
(earth friendly!)
when using Milk Paint
and we chose to topcoat this piece
in a Milk Paint topcoat product
although you can certainly use
your ASCP wax instead! 

I won't be giving up my ASCP 
anytime soon
(ok, EVER)

But I do like to mix it up
every now and again...! 

No, there isn't an "after" photo...
we still have to sand and stain the top...


  1. I'm intrigued, been wanting to try some of this, waaaaay back when I read about it last year. Any particular brand you suggest?

  2. Beautiful color! I've never tried milk paint but I'm intrigued...this looks lovely..

  3. What color and brand is this? Love it!