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Friday, April 6, 2012

New Digs

For a year,
we've been running back and forth

from our studio to our warehouse...
and storing the overflow in our garage...
not the best situation!

The space directly adjacent to our existing warehouse
recently became available
it's double the SF (2000)
and was built out rather nicely
by the previous tenants
We're just getting settled
and the move is SO easy
as all we have to do is cart stuff next door!
Below, some quick snapshots
of what will soon be the new home
of Stiltskin Studios!

Sorry, these photos are in no sort of order!
Above is the loft above our studio space

above, a shot of our mirror collection
JUST from home...
we have dozens more
at the existing warehouse space!

The view from inside our "pretty" space
where we will have our gallery
Carpet is coming up
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is going down
Fluorescent lights coming down
Chandeliers going up!

This is the "warehouse"'s about 1000 s/f
Hard to tell scale from this pic
but that's Ken's F150 and trailer backed right in!

Another shot of the pretty space
from the front door
The wall color is very pretty
but it's getting changed
to Paris Grey, I do believe

Unfortunately, we can't paint the door or awning
but we can hang a sign and they are repaving the driveway
There are bay doors on BOTH sides of the warehouse space
great for dropping off on one side, pick up on the other

This will be our actual studio space
it's got a sink and plenty of room to move around...
can't WAIT!


  1. Oh My....I am green with envy. Gorgeous gorgeous!! What a perfect space....I want I want!!
    But I know you will do perfect things in it.

    Annie xx

  2. Annie, thank you SO much. We're extremely excited about it, and I'm looking forward to making it "mine" (ok, technically "ours" but really "mine") Can't wait to get your paint on the walls and floor!

  3. Loving that space. How cute that you have the Stiltskin sewing machine over there spinning gold! Would love a space like this, backing in the trailer is a bonus bonus! Congrats!!!