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Monday, April 9, 2012

Black & White & Glam All Over

Remember this desk/vanity?
It sure didn't sit around unpainted for very long,
did it?
It wasn't awful
the wood is solid cherry
and the lines are great
but it was a bit boring,
don't you think?

Here she is now...
all glam and ready for her close-up

Silver gilding on the hardware...

A bit of distressing around the edges
to keep it from being too perfect

The damaged mirror is now a chalkboard

The seat is a cool zebra pattern

with removable ties

I'm really happy with the outcome,
and I hope you agree!


  1. Nice job! Love the idea of the chalkboard!

  2. Gorgeous piece!! I love the silver w/the black and the contrast w/the white and the wood. Very nice job!

  3. Great job to make any home gorgeous and fascinating. I really liked cool zebra pattern with removable side.

    Linda@ white painted furniture