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Monday, April 30, 2012

Peeling Paint

Every time I purchase a piece of furniture
that is covered in latex,
 I strip it down to bare wood...

Every time I say I'm going to do this
I get the genuinely interested folks that ask why...
and I love when people are genuinely interested
and ask questions

But I also get the folks that act like paint detectives 
who "caught" me red handed!

I've actually had this said to me;
 "I thought ASCP was SO great you 
ould paint over ANYTHING.
Guess that's just not true, huh?" 

I can just hear them...

Sorry to disappoint those folks...
I'm not stripping off the latex
because ASCP won't stick to it

I'm stripping it off because  latex WILL, in all likelihood, fail

Someone once told me they've never seen latex peel...

This started as a little TEENY bubble...

It's the paint that was already up on the walls at our studio
The previous owners painted the room almost four years ago
I'm sure it was applied wrong, and they probably used cheap paint

but once I started, there was no stopping it...
it literally just peeled away

Of course, I had to sit and peel it off the entire section of wall
right up to the window...
(sort of gratifying, in a weird way)

It went pretty quick, because as you can see,
it is totally NOT sticking to the drywall
So, this is exactly why I strip latex off
before I paint a piece of furniture.

I have no way of knowing if the previous owner
used quality primer and paint...or if they applied it too thickly
without letting each coat dry completely...

might hold up....might not

My nightmare is that I paint over latex that appears fine, and years from now
a little bubble appears...
and soon, the piece looks just like this wall! 

I don't want to spend all that time, energy, and expensive paint
only to have the crappy paint underneath start to bubble and peel
down the road...

This isn't an anti-latex post...
as I mentioned, this complete failure probably has to do with
poor application of low quality paint...
but I think it perfectly illustrates why you should 
remove existing latex paint before painting
a piece you'd like to have around awhile
and DEFINITELY if you are selling it!

And while I'm on the topic of the folks that are always
telling me how there are products out there that compare to ASCP
but are less expensive or that latex is just as good
I say this:

Use what works for you. 
If you have a product you love, great.
No need to be disgruntled
or upset with us
because we prefer a different product

We use what WE love.

If you ask me what I use, I will tell you.
Ask me why, and I'll tell you...

We prefer Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products
because based on what we HAVE tried,
we've found them to be superior.

Have we tested every single option out there?
Of course not. 

Have a product YOU love
and think we should know about?
By all means, share the details with us!

We stick with what we know works.
I'm not going to spend my time, money, and energy
seeking out potential alternatives.

If they arrived on our doorstep, 
of course we'd try them.

If we loved them after we tried them, 
we'd tell you all about those, also...
If you don't agree, that's fine...
It's not a contest to see
who's favorite products 
are the most popular




  1. Great post! I am curious, what stripper do you like? I haven't tried too many brands, but the ones I have, don't live up to what they say. I usually just sand it down, but on detailed pieces that is not an option. ;) I'd tell you about something here that I use, and you don't, but I'm sure we use the same things. fave nonASCP paint/glaze is Ralph Lauren Faux Technique paint. Too bad HD doesn't carry it anymore and you have to order it by mail now. :(

    1. Hi Nicole!

      I, too, usually sand. I use Soy Gel to strip in detailed areas (and an old toothbrush!) Works well enough. Believe it or not, I've never used RL glaze. Before ASCP, I used General Finishes glazes, which I do like quite well. I know lots of folks really love the RL glazes, though. I prefer waxing to glazing, but that's just my thing. I will say, glazing is faster! hahaha

    2. BC ASCP, I glazed all the time, but yep, I love the look of the dark wax. Every once in a while I get commissioned to do a latex piece for various reasons though, and that's my go to.

      Thanks so much for letting me know YOUR fave product.
      I'll have to try it!

  2. I actually had a piece I sanded, figured it had enough 'tooth' because it was a high gloss paint. Finished the drawers and noticed the peeling-ugh. If your gonna use something other than chalk paint, you gotta prime. Lesson learned. Never trust a previously painted piece.:)

    1. ugh! Sue, sorry that happened to you...such a bummer, isn't it? I don't even trust primer over latex...nothing permeates into the latex to hold it to the wood, so it's gotta go! I'm a bit worried if more of my walls are going to peel...I mean, I know they will if someone picks at them...but there was NO WAY I was going to try to peel all the paint off the entire

    2. Save that for a day when you need to get some frustration out!

      I think we've all had to learn the hard way...thinking...surely this will stick...oops! It's part of the "fun".

  3. i find it helpful to speak sternly to the piece as i paint it. YOU WILL ADHERE. YOU WILL.

    come visit my blog anytime!