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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Weathered Grey French Desk

I saw this gorgeous vanity/desk on Facebook
a picker we buy from was selling it, and I was literally a minute too late...
Someone else beat me to it!

I was thrilled when that person offered it to me, 
because it was just too much of a project! 

Yep, it was a HOT mess!

Just look at her now...

We used One Step Paint from Amy Howard at Home in Selznick Grey
followed by an application of white dust over the damp wax

The top is "pulled and cracked" to reveal bits of the creamy white beneath
(Bauhaus Buff)

The white dust gives a really beautiful weathered look to the grey paint

We wanted to age the Buff trim, too
so we applied Dust of Ages (a greyish dust)
 mixed with a more brown colored dust

 We wanted the original hardware to look weathered, as well
so we applied white dust followed by Dust of Ages

The shape of this desk is amazing...
we've only had one other Kidney shaped desk before! 

Love this?  
You can find it in our Etsy shop


  1. Love it! What is the "white dust"? Because I want some!!

  2. Loooove it! What is this "white dust" you speak of? Because I think I need some!!

  3. Where do you buy the white dust? Had no idea this existed, only had heard of the dust of ages.....

  4. I had only heard of the dust of ages, where do you buy the white dust?

  5. Where do you buy the white dust, I had only heard of dust of ages, is it Amy Howard brand too?

  6. Beautiful finish, I really adore your work!

  7. Where oh where can I find white dust? I adore this look!