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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Farmhouse Love Affair

I LOVE that these piece have been painted again and again...and again!

Someone really loved them

We've simply cleaned them up,
reinforced where necessary,
made a few repairs,
and there you have it! 

Authentic patina,
perfectly rustic and distressed

We've held on to these pieces for years...
I just couldn't part with them, although we never used them

The table works well as a desk

Don't you LOVE the top?

I think there is at least a dozen different colors on these pieces

Original hardware...gorgeous!

All that crazing and chipping tells a story...this desk has seen a LOT

Would you believe I told Kenny to throw away the chair?
I know. 

It needed attention, and attention it got!

Now it's all shored up, sealed up, and ready for use again

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  1. Did you sell cabinet yet? I may want it.

    1. Everyone wants that cabinet...but I'm not separating them :0)

  2. ahhh the natural patina is so incredible!! My favorite is the natural chippy layers. I always try to envision the piece at each stage it was at in life!