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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bold, Vibrant Color

Ken's been on a MISSION lately...
a mission to bring me as many mirrors from our studio as he possibly can

I now have MANY, MANY MIRRORS at the store...

I spent Saturday painting this beauty

I adore this style of mirror, but don't find them too often

How lucky were we to score TWO?

This one's mate is sold and being painted in my favorite shade,
Luxe Grey from Amy Howard at Home

I've been really "into" neutrals lately,
so I opted to just for for it on this mirror with a vibrant hue

"Minty Fresh" is one of our newest colors from Real Milk Paint

It's called Minty Fresh in honor of Kenny
He cleans the insides of every piece we paint, 
declaring them "minty fresh" when he's finished

The results?  GORGEOUS, right? 

I used gold leaf (Amy Howard at Home) 
without bole for a more modern look

The benefit of using leaf instead of gold paint or gold paste?
It doesn't come off when you apply wax or glaze over the top...
The leaf does NOT budge!
Of course, nothing compares to the incandescent "lit from within" glow
you get from metallic leaf

I glazed this mirror with Walnut Stain, also from Amy Howard at Home
it's sheer, so I built up my patina using multiple layers

 why yes, that IS paint all over my hands and down my forearms! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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