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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Art Nouveau Gorgeousness

Thank you so much to everyone that emailed to tell me
they missed seeing our pieces on the blog!

I know we were sidetracked for awhile,
but I feel like we're back with a vengeance...

Ken brought someone on board to help him prep the pieces,
so they are getting to me FAST!

I've been painting like a maniac all week :0)
(you know how happy that makes me, right?)

We picked up this GORGEOUS dresser last week

She's a BEAST...80 inches long and weighs a LOT
I fell in love with the curves on this girl, and all the amazing details

Very Art Nouveau, don't you think?

My inspiration:

The finished piece makes me HAPPY

I used Credenza One Step Paint from Amy Howard at Home as my base
to create the custom colors you see here
A sultry blue green, a soft mint, and just a touch of white for contrast

I decided to gold leaf ALL the raised details
Yes, it took forever
Yes, I used a lot of gold leaf
(but at $10/25 sheets, who's counting??)

I don't always use Bole underneath the leaf...
but in this case, I loved the way the deep reddish brown color
 played against the cool greens

The handles are cast brass, and are original

This beast certainly is a beauty now, don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. this is an absolutely beautiful 'after' piece. thanks for sharing

  2. Michelle, I just have to say what beautiful work the two of you do! Ever since I stumbled across your site years ago and saw the antique oak dresser done in ultramarine milk paint. (BTW, I totally copied that! I fell in love with that color and had to do it.) It's because of you I use Real Milk Paint. Yes Dwayne knows! Anyway, phenomenal job on this dresser. But what did you use on the body to get such a sheen?? Is that wax over Amy's paint??

    1. ah, thanks! Dwayne is awesome, isn't he?
      Yes, it's Carnauba wax from Real Milk Paint over Amy's One Step Paint. A match made in heaven.