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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One Step Paint 101

We've been fielding questions lately
about how Amy Howard at Home's One Step Paint 
compares to other paints we've used...
while we wouldn't necessarily consider this "chalk-type paint"
we will explain the similarities and differences
as we've noted them

We've used just about every brand available
(and a few that aren't even on the market yet)
so we have a great basis for comparison

Clearly, we love the product because we 
decided to become retailers for the brand
(after considering numerous others)
but this is our true, unbiased opinion

If we didn't believe it to be wonderful in nearly every aspect,
we would not have jumped in as retailers!

So... what "sold" us?

  It's great.
Simple as that!

Although we'll be retailing many products from Amy Howard at Home,
the One Step Paint seems to be the one most asked about

The collection consists of 34 gorgeous colors
light wax, dark wax, and Dust of Ages

You don't have to prep beyond cleaning your piece and making necessary repairs
and you don't have to prime

We like to tell people to follow common sense practices
If the surface is super shiny, or covered in latex,
you might want to do a little prep work

It's up to you, though!

(Cartouche Green)

The paint itself is smooth, and a bit silkier than other chalk-type paints we've used
We're accustomed to having to water-down our second and third coats
because after the first coat, you know it gets harder and harder!

(Selznick Grey)

Like similar paints, the pigment can settle to the bottom
so always shake/mix well before using
Much like other furniture paints, this paint does have a bit of texture to it..
you'll have subtle brush strokes
For us, it's a sign the item was hand painted 
and lends to the character of the piece

One of the biggest benefits of One Step Paint is that it 

Yup, you read that correctly!

Un-waxed, the finish is satiny
(not chalky) but matte

We did a little test,
 (ok, so it was an accident...but it all worked out!)
and dripped some iced tea on an unsealed surface
it wiped away, without leaving a mark
Color us impressed!

We do love the subtle sheen wax gives a surface,
and Amy's wax is so soft and easy to apply...
we were literally SHOCKED at how quickly we finished waxing a dresser
and because we applied with a soft rag instead of a brush,
the surface took on a gorgeous, buffed shine
When I think of the time we have applying wax and buffing it off
(and buffing, and buffing, and buffing some more!)...yikes.
This was a VERY welcome change!

Amy's Dark Wax  isn't meant to be applied all over the piece
(BIG change for us!)
but instead, applied gingerly into the areas that would naturally darken
As a finishing touch, Dust of Ages can be applied 
to tacky wax for an authentic aged appearance

(Bauhaus Buff with Gold Leaf)

Another difference worth mentioning is one of the 
big reason's we embraced this product

Have you ever been buffing the surface of a piece painted with chalk-type paint
and the raised areas and drawer edges buff away?
This is fine if your piece is distressed, but we don't always want 
whatever is underneath to show through

One Step Paint?
It doesn't budge unless you want it to...

(see, no wear on the edges!)

That being said, we're still experimenting with the best method of distressing
for the times when we DO want it to rub off...

That's another post!

Overall, we have been consistently WOWed by this collection...
the color range is divine
(how many shades of grey?  Be still my heart!)
and the entire line has a certain air of LUXURY about it...
Almost decadent....

And luxury comes at a price, right?
Would you believe me if I told you it retails for LESS
than the other paints we've used!

Crazy good. 



  1. Hi Michelle- I live in Connecticut and would love to try the one step paint. Any ideas where I can order it? Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this new paint line. I found her website and just ordered three cans!