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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Front and Center

Last night, we shared some photos from the workshop area 
of our new shop

Here's a few pics from the gallery area up front!

 We have SO many pieces to still bring's insane!

 Twinkly Fairy Lights at night make me so happy...
We leave ours on in the windows every night
For the Greek Festival, they've strung them from building to building down our street
It's lovely!

 Keegan and his friend didn't seem to mind the pile of tools in the back room!

 I have dozens more antique mirrors in my car right this very minute...
going up on the walls today!

 One of my favorite pieces

 and within 24hrs, I'd already moved stuff around!

 Don't you love our business card holder?  

 Our friend Tracey brought this back from Ohio and Kenny converted it to hold cards
then painted and glazed it

This lovely lady is tempting me...I really think I have to bring her home!
That being said...we need to buy more smalls!

We will be open today (Sunday 11/17)
for an impromptu Open House
if you're in the 

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  1. It sounds like a terrific opening weekend. I'm thinking Jacksonville isn't that far from Tarpon. A trip seems to be in the offing.