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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goddess Gets Glam

In honor of our location in Tarpon Springs
(aka "Greek Town")
We spent some time giving this beauty a make-over befitting of a goddess

We started with several coats of Bauhaus Buff from Amy Howard at Home,
applied right over the existing finish
(Chalk Paint and dried wax)
Bauhaus Buff is a gorgeous color,
but I wanted to add more warmth and age

Using Amy's Dark Wax as a base, 
I mixed three parts Dark Wax with one part Mineral Spirits
to create a glaze
(I don't like my glaze too runny, but you can do 50/50)
It's really not an exact science...
just add enough Mineral Spirits to thin your wax

Working in large sections, I applied the glaze with a brush,
really working it in to the recesses
(an inexpensive chip brush works GREAT for this)

Before moving on to the next section,
 I used a clean, soft rag to wipe away the glaze

On the areas where I wanted more dramatic shading,
I applied Dark Wax (undiluted) with a small brush
and did NOT wipe away

Once the process was complete and the wax was dry
I lightly buffed the surface

Now she gazes over the door, welcoming all who enter


1 comment:

  1. This technique you shared is one of my favorites to use. This is the only way I use dark wax. Thank you so much!