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Friday, November 1, 2013

French Bistro Cabinets

Months ago, we tackled our lower kitchen cabinets
We painted them white

I didn't love it. Our uppers are all white (and open)
but it all seemed so, well...WHITE!

I really loved the idea of making the cabinets resemble
 a French Bistro Menu

Black chalkboard with white writing.

Enter the French Bistro Lettering Set from Royal Design Studio
This stencil set is GORGEOUS!

 (we used Chalk Paint in a mix of Old White and Pure 
and of course, 
to create the menu

 (sorry, the hardware ins't on the drawers yet!)
For the base of the cabinets, we used a true black chalk type paint
and we sealed with Soft Wax in clear
(yes, we did prime the cabinets first, as our cabinets were smooth laminate)

We very lightly distressed the edges for a cool, vintage vibe

This was such a quick, easy update to our homely laminate cabinets!
Its' been several months since we completed this projects, 
and I'm pleased to say the waxed finish has held up GREAT!

If anyone tells you that painting your cabinets is a bad idea,
take heart...
not a single tear was shed, no cussing ensued,
 and the whole process was quite pleasant!

I would NOT recommend tackling your kitchen for your FIRST project
but with a bit of experience and the proper paint and tools,
it's totally do-able and durable! 


  1. Loving ow your kitchen is turning out! I have my eye on some stencils for future projects. Kitchen cabinets seem scary but once you have painting other things under your belt they are not that bad. Just time consuming.

    1. Thanks! Since I don't get too hung up on perfection in my own space, I didn't even bother to take these doors off! If they were nice, solid wood cabinets, I would have done things proper, but in this case, I just wanted them DONE!

  2. Love it-show us more please!!!!! I have almond laminate (yuck, yuck, double yuck) but have been afraid to paint them!

    1. I figured they couldn't really get any worse! They were faux wood grain in icky faded brown circa 1970. I did my bathroom vanity first to make sure the wax would hold up. I figured if it could take a small, steamy bathroom, the kitchen would be a cake-walk!

  3. How cool is that?! Looks so much better!



    1. Thanks Andie! Hard to make them look, nowhere to go but up!