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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dust of Ages

Being at the shop all day, nearly every day
is making me VERY productive...

Of course, the fact that I'm leaving my laptop at home
MIGHT have something to do with it, too!

In any case, I'm really enjoying 
playing around with all the new products
we're carrying

It's rejuvenating, in a way,
testing out all these new goodies!
I'd become so used to one product...
I know it inside out and upside down
Certainly time to mix it up!

We've had Dust of Ages for awhile,
ever since we first tried Amy Howard's products

The colors we ordered were mid-tones,
and the Dust didn't really show up too well 

I put it aside, and forget all about it

Until today. 

I was working on the chair you see in the background
I love the soft, cool tones
(Credenza from AHH and Fluff from Dixie Belle)
Not wanting to alter the color too much
nor warm it up with dark wax
I decided to give Dust of Ages another go


The subtle shadow of age...

 adding contrast and patina without too much warmth...

Perfectly highlighting all the yummy details!

I loved it so much, I went a little crazy

 A light application...applied with a small brush only in the recesses 

and a heavier application, applied with a giant brush all over

The pieces all turned out GORGEOUS...
have a look!

I'll share before and afters on these two chairs tomorrow...
and I promise, I'll get a picture of that awesome shelf
that you can only see a preview of above!

Thanks for stopping by!


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Don't you just love the personality it adds to a piece! I use something similar in another paint line, Le Dirt! Love, love, love! These pieces look fabulous!