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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chevron Striped Storage

We finished this gorgeous piece about a week ago...
and FINALLY got around to getting photos..

(it's huge, it's been rainy, it's very hot, and yes, we've been feeling a bit LAZY)

I wasn't "sold" on this piece when I first saw it...
the chunky hardware didn't make me swoon
It was black and gunky!


The price was right, so we carted it home...
boy, we're SO happy we did!

Isn't this a lovely piece now?

We chose a color we like to call "Confederate Grey"
it's a custom mix that makes the most perfect grey w warm undertones

We used Ochre to highlight some of the details 
like the drawer surrounds and the top

We love the gilding along the curves...
and of course, on the hardware

On the back, we contemplated a few options before settling on this Chevron fabric
in the perfect shades of Ochre and Grey

Inside are two glass shelves
(not pictured)
for displaying...whatever!

Jessica, from Stellar Junk suggested using it to display and store
Isn't that genius?  

We can also see it in a bathroom, holding towels and soap
or in a bedroom holding perfume, folded sweaters, jeans...

Of course, it's perfectly lovely as intended, as a dining room piece, too!

You can find this piece in our Etsy Shop


  1. Oh My God............
    I just showed this to my husband - and all I can say is Oh My God - I think I've said 5 of them - think I should just delete my post today after seeing this
    Oh. My. God ( 6 of them now )
    You know that means it's spectacular, right?

    1. that gave me a good laugh this morning...! Thanks for sharing :0)

  2. WOW! love love love love LOVE. i kind of like it.