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Monday, July 22, 2013

Prettiest in Pink

We don't share too many "Before and Afters"
because the "Befores" pretty much look the same..
Dated yellowed finish or wood in mediocre shape
but over-all, not to bad

Well, this girl was a DIFFERENT story!

Chunks of missing molding, drawers that were wonky (and ugly inside!)
Missing hardware, chipped up wood...basically, a basket case!

Kudos to the client for her faith in us...
when I showed her this dresser as an option for her yet-unborn daughter's nursery,
she didn't run screaming!  

We're hoping she's glad!

Poor Kenny...he does all the really hard work
(cleaning, staining, repairing)
and I swoop in, do the fun work (painting and glazing!)
and I get ALL the

But seriously, without his skill and expertise
(and crazy attention to detail)
a piece like this would have been left behind by me...

Didn't it turn out lovely?

If you are wondering, this hot pink is custom mixed Chalk Paint, sealed and glazed

This item is already sold
(and on it's way to Chicago as we speak!)

(but SO worth the effort!)


  1. Sincerely I tell you: gorgeous!!


  2. love it! i need to paint a fun pink piece!

    1. Pink was a great color for this, don't you think? It really brought it to life :0) The room it is going to has aqua walls w gilded gold stenciled pattern. Bet it is going to be incredible!