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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Celebration of Cuteness, a Sad Farewell

If you've met us
(or maybe if you haven't!)
you know that Kenny's constant companion is a sweet little Budgie named Pierre
If he's not with us, the first question is NOT
"hi, how are you?"
it's "where's Pierre?"

Pierre has traveled with us hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Visited Washington, DC
(how many parakeets have been to the Smithsonian?)

 (you can just see Pierre peeking out of Kenny's hand)

He's checked out George Washington's digs at Mt. Vernon

 (Pierre is wandering down Keegan's shirt to eat the map!)

And he even got to meet Annie Sloan

I have to admit, sometimes I just want to get on with whatever it is we are doing...
and when your significant other is carrying a sweet little bird,
everyone wants to stop and ask you about it

I'd think "oh no, here we go..."
but then, I realized the HUGE smiles that little bird brought to everyone
Seeing that little green Budgie really brightened peoples' day!

See, not only cute, that bird did tricks...
headstands, flipping over, pretending to to be a bat
Kids and adults alike were enthralled

Sadly, Pierre started acting "off" yesterday
and didn't last the day.

We'll miss that well-traveled little bird!
(as will many others)

Kenny and Michele