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Thursday, November 1, 2012


 I cried the blues on FB
about how all the French Provincial pieces I'd been finding
were poor quality, particle board, laminate-topped junk
 and what do I stumble upon, in two days time?  
( I didn't edit these, so sorry for the less-than-perfect shots!)

Yep, this baby is Drexel Touraine...
(please ignore my dinner sitting on top!)

and then, the next day...these!

 The drawer fronts must be two inches thick...
It's also FILTHY
so it's getting the mean-clean
Sadly, someone beat me to the 9-drawer dresser
and fancy-schmancy mirror that matched...

Let's hope this great luck holds up,
this is the kind of stuff we LOVE to paint!


  1. i am trying really hard right now just to be happy for you and not the least bit jealous. ;)