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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gilded Age Gorgeousness

We recently had the opportunity to try out a new product
(OK, new to US!)

It's called Modern Masters
and I now want to paint EVERYTHING

We used the "Shimmer" Metallic Paint
in Warm Silver
(and let me tell you, I AGONIZED over what color to try
there is a rainbow of shimmery hues!)

I know, I want pictures!
Here you go!
Remember THIS set?

Well just LOOK at her now!

So about the paint...
it goes on like a DREAM

It's opaque, but we used a lighter shade, so we used three coats
When I told Kenny we were going to try metallic paint, he said:
"you better let ME do this project"

He said this because he is a perfectionist painter,
whereas I am NOT...

Usually, metallics are VERY unforgiving
and every brush stroke shows
(which explains why Kenny didn't want me to do it!)
but this paint is so SMOOTH!

It dried fairly quickly, too

These pieces had a shiny, varnished surface
so we lightly sanded them first

We distressed just a little, and the paint was easy to distress

To finish, we used dark wax

I was very worried that I'd opted to tackle 
such a LARGE project with one quart of paint...
but guess what?
We've got half a quart left!  
about how this set turned out...

Modern Masters was the perfect choice
to GLAM it up...

I loved it so much, in fact, 
I'm painting my own buffet-turned-entertainment center next!

This set is available in our ETSY shop


  1. HOOOOOOOOLY WOW. Stunning. LOVE it!!

    1. girl, I love it. I can totally see it dressed "down" with squishy linen bedding in shades of white and cream...perfection!

  2. Love how this set turned out!! So fancy!! I can't believe you only used a half a quart!

    1. I know, right? Half a quart! It went on so smooth :0)

  3. What a gorgeous transformation!! Stunning!~ Diane

  4. OMG!! I'm speechless!! Grrrreeeattt job!!!

  5. I'm speechless. It's the best I've seen to date with metallic paint. I know you used the dark wax to finish it. Do you think it would take polyurethane without breaking up the paint? I was just thinking in some applications it would be nice but I've always had metallic paints break up on me when applying things on top. Thanks so much for sharing. You're a true master at this. Always love seeing your posts.

    1. It would def take poly, no problem. Modern Masters actually sells a few varieties of topcoat that I'm going to try. On this set, I wanted to warm it up with dark wax, age it a bit, you know? But it would have been lovely with poly, as well. Honestly, the paint was so durable, I wouldn't even topcoat if I was going to use it in my own home. I know what you mean about the metallic paints; usually, you can't wax them, either! Clearly no worries about that with this paint!

    2. Great to hear from you. I'm truly a BIG fan of your work. Always love the emails. I went out and got some of the paint today! Can't wait to use some. I got some silver and the metallic deep blue (favorite color) and some of the MM high gloss. I was amazed at how many colors they have in the metallic. I'm afraid I'm going to be getting many more once I see how good this stuff goes on. I could tell in your photos how smooth it was. Thanks again and keep up the great work! I definitely want to see some more metallic stuff from you.

    3. right? The color selection is mind-boggling! I found my local retailer and bought Black Cherry. I want to do it as a wash over Graphite ASCP. Let me know how you like the high gloss. I've been wanting to do a lacquered look on a piece (which means breaking out the air compressor, etc!) but can't pick a color!
      The first coat will be somewhat transparent, but don't panic :0) It builds...I used very thin coats so it took three, but I barely used half a quart. Have fun, and share a pic when you are done!

    4. did you tackle a project with your Modern Masters paint? I'd LOVE to see!

  6. Melissa @ BackRoadsRevivalNovember 19, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    Question...Did you use only the Warm Silver? It almost looks like the body is more of a gold tone and the accents are silver. Maybe it is just the photo itself. Either way I LOVE this. Gonna put this on my Must-Do list. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Answer...The body is warm silver, the hardware and raised areas are actually Antique Silver Stencil Creme from Royal Design Studio. They are pretty freakin' amazing, those stencil cremes!

  7. BeaUtiful paint job---whoEVer did it!
    I've used that paint before too, and really loved it--BUT--
    I sure never thought about using it on a large furniture project!
    My hat's totally off to you guys! Bravo, bravo!

    1. hahaha, I did it before Kenny could take over, because he was going out of town for a week :0) I'm sneaky like that!

  8. I've been thinking of doing a bedroom tray ceiling in gold leaf, but not sure I want to tackle such a huge project. After seeing this product I am wondering if I could get the same effect using one of the gold options, and covering with a gloss poly. You have any experience using this product on interior walls (or ceilings)? Any issues you can foresee that I should be aware of?

    1. I don't think you'd get the same look with this product as you would with metallic leaf, however, it would certainly work fine for walls and ceilings. If you want that really rich luster of gilded leaf, Royal Design Studio ( has a foil product that might also work well. Modern Masters color palate may have a shinier gold, you'd have to take a look. Let us know how it goes!

  9. Wow, pretty! I have painted two pieces in silver craft paint and they look great, but I wish I new about this paint first. It looks amazing! I am. So looking into this!

  10. you mention covering the paint with a dark wax. What product is that & how do you apply it? Sorry I am totally unfamiliar and preparing to paint a picture frame and would like it to look somewhat old or antiqued. This will be my first timing taking on a project like this.


  11. Did you prime the furniture before you applied the MM?