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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gilded Grey Touraine Dresser

It's not a big secret
that my favorite colors to paint together are
Paris Grey and White...
add some gilding, and I'm over the moon

 Add to that the fact that the piece
being painted is
Touraine by Drexel...
yeah, I'm a happy girl!

 see all that gilding?
here's the story....
I patiently taped of all around the trim 
on the drawers after painting them...
gilded them, and removed the tape.
Along with the tape, off came the paint!
so I touched up the paint, after sanding it smooth
only to decide I really wanted to wax or glaze the piece
The problem, of course, is that once you apply wax or glaze over the gilding paste,
the paste comes right off...GRRRR

 Talk about a big production!
I ended up touching up all the gold trim by hand,
sealing just the gilded area before applying glaze
then sealing the gilded areas again once the glaze was dry

 On the top, we stripped off the hideous yellow paint
and refinished it with a gorgeous grey glaze

 I knew I wanted some interest to settle into the textured paint
but didn't want to go the usual route, with dark wax

 I used a dark grey glaze to add some interest
and I'm really pleased with the outcome!

I mean, really...would you just LOOK 
at that Serpentine body and curvy legs???  

You can purchase this dresser in our Etsy shop


  1. It's beautiful!! Worth every second!! ~ Lori

  2. I'm absolutely crazy about this piece! The dark grey glaze is stunning. I'm wondering, what product did you use to "seal" the gilding wax? Polyurethane? Something I've done for gold trim is to use the Krylon 14K Gold paint pen (easy to control) on trim and then use gilding wax over it. Gives a depth to the gold. I didn't know gilding wax could be sealed.

  3. Oh my word! Where do you live? I love this but that detail! I don't think I could possible make it look as fabulous as yours!!!!