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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby I'm a Star....Stencil Star, that is!

The lovely folks at 
have featured US on their Blog today!

Be sure to stop by and pay a visit...

We've used many, many stencils from RDS,
here's a sampling of the ones we most covet!
Watch for them on projects coming soon :0) 
(all photos from Royal Design Studio's site)

This stencil is gorgeous and BRAND NEW

This Floral Damask Stencil is also NEW
and I really adore the scale and the color used here!

The intricate pattern on this Arabesque Stencil makes me happy, happy, happy!
I can see this on a wall, on a tabletop, even on fabric turned into drapes..

I've got a very clear plan for this Moroccan Lace Border Stencil...
you'll have to wait and see!

You know, we're very loyal folks, Kenny and I...
treat us right, and we stick around
we'll bypass what's easier or closer
in favor of supporting retailers that are just good people

On another note:
The products and retailers you see represented on our Blog
are all GOOD PEOPLE...
who just happen to also offer AMAZING products

They are so deserving of your patronage...
so please, pay them a visit and see for yourself...
NICE PEOPLE really make all the difference!

If you are curious, the products we blog about 
are products we actually use and LOVE

We get sent lots of products to try...
and in the interest of being a nice person myself,
if I don't love the products, I don't share that info. 
You'll never see a negative product post on this Blog

I don't think it's my job to review products,
I think it's my job to share with you what works BEST for us...

 and I sincerely hope that is enough to keep you coming back for more!


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