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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gilded Touraine

We recently scored not one, but TWO 
Drexel Touranie pieces

They were bought from different sellers
for dramatically different prices
(these are seller's photos, not mine!)

This chest is dated 1946...and it has it's original mirror!

the dresser is equally fabulous...

Touraine is my favorite style of French Provincial reproduction furniture
I love the sleekness, 
the delicately curved legs,
 the serpentine front,
 the simple hardware

it's recognizable in an instant!
In fact, neither piece was listed as "Drexel Touraine"
Can you believe that chest was listed for weeks with no takers???

Anyway, I wanted to keep it pretty classic on these pieces,
so I went with one of our favorite combos
Paris Grey and Old White
with rich gold accents

The pieces aren't done yet, but here is a sneak preview!

Yes, yes I did hand paint that gilding!
No, no I did not enjoy it very much!

Hoping to get both pieces completed tomorrow...
we'll see how that goes! 
Wish us luck!


  1. Nice job! Looks lovely. Please post when completed.

  2. I found this exact set about a month ago and have been tortured on color choices. I decided on gray also, but thinking of silver trim. Must say, I'm so happy to see how lovely it is. You guys are so talented. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. I have the chest of drawers that you posted above, and the dresser. They have the original paint and are slightly scratched but enough that I am ready to update them. How did you strip the original paint? Did you post the updated pics of your finished products? Please let me know! I am so interested in what you did - from what I can see - it looks fantastic! THANKS!!!!!

  4. Yes, please tell me the best way to strip the paint and preserve the wood. I am not sure if the paint is latex or not... Or how to go about it at all! Please help! :D