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Monday, January 2, 2012

ch ch ch ch changes...

We had such a lovely vacation...
no agenda,
just a glorious week
whatever we wanted to do

We hiked....
We explored...
We sat in front of the fire
enjoying each others company

The kids got along...
we even brought Mack's girlfriend, Jess

The downtime gave me time to think...
I need some balance in my life

If you don't already know,
I actually have a full-time job
aside from Stiltskin Studios

I work in Marketing,
and I love my job
(ok, MOST days!)

But a FT job,
coupled with
Stiltskin Studios
(Etsy, website, custom work, FB, blog...
you get the idea!)
two kids and a husband
is a lot for anyone to handle

I used to hit the gym daily
(can't recall the last time I went)
and bike ride with my family in the evenings

I used to have time to
get a pedicure
read a novel
fold the laundry
(ok, so maybe I don't miss that last bit so much!)

I hate the term 'resolution"
it seems so cliche...
and why wait until a specific date
to evaluate and resolve?

But in the spirit of New Year's Resolutions
I've decided to make some changes

I usually embrace change.
Change can be good, right?

This change scares the pants off me
and keeps me up at night

(hey, if I'm up, I might as well paint!)

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  1. I hope it involves paint and artistic are too good not to use the talent!