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Saturday, January 14, 2012


I realized last night,
as I finished waxing a French Provincial Dresser
that it was the last one in my inventory
We can't have that!
So I scoured CL
and found this gorgeousness

She's in great shape, except the finish
and good grief,
must weigh close to 175lbs!
I couldn't lift her
and I'm pretty strong!

I love the Bombe shape
and the super chunky hardware
mixed with the delicate design

Oh, and the mirror...
I have plans for this girl...
I contemplated keeping her
and selling my personal dresser
I really love my dresser!

We drove all the way to Zephryhills
which is over an hour away
but I'd say it was a worthwhile trip!

Then, I noticed ANOTHER
French Provincial Dresser!

Bassett, no less...

And a few more mirrors...
the large one in the back is a Cheval mirror
with original beveled glass and pins...
woo hoo

Not bad for our first stop!
Thank goodness,
because our other stops
were fruitless!


  1. I have the exact same mirror. Oval in the front of the pile

  2. Loved that dresser! It was far you are right, but it's so cool! Love love love. What color will you do? I was looking at it on Craigs and could imagine about 10 different color combos bc the drawers have that great outline to put another color in!! sweet!

  3. JEALOUS!!!!!!!

    janet xox