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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

our crush...

It's true...
Stiltskin Studios DOES love ASCP
(Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)

We didn't always love ASCP
We, like some, disregarded it based on price

I researched the science
I liked what I learned...
it made sense

I LOATHE sanding...
I realized my time is valuable

I also LOATHE latex and never use it
except for walls
(and latex with grout is STILL latex!)

We exclusively used Milk Paint, which is also pricey
compared to latex

It didn't have great coverage
took forever to dry
and was kinda stinky until it dried
(We still use Milk Paint sometimes)

So the price wasn't a huge jump for me...
plus, we aren't opposed to using
more expensive products
if it makes our pieces
more beautiful and durable
(and our lives a little easier!)

We believe our clients deserve the best
and we work hard to provide that
So chalk paint was worth looking in to...

I went to my local stockist
Robyn Story Designs

I played in the paint
and I say "played"
because it was FUN

We bought paint
We bought wax
We painted
We waxed

We had issues...

Sticky wax
uneven wax
heat rings
water rings...
(notice a theme here?
Wax issues!)

I called my stockist
I listened
I learned
We worked together to find solutions...

We read Annie's books
We learned more...

And we kept at it

Is chalk paint perfect?

It's perfect for us...

ASCP got very popular
very quickly
(or so it seems to me!)

Bloggers raved about it...
"Miracle Paint!"

Is it great paint?
A miracle??
that's a bit of a stretch...
what product can keep up with that kind of hype?

Is there really no prep?
Clearly, if your piece has serious issues
you are going to have to prep...
no paint will magically fix
gouges, peeling veneer, or broken pieces
but for the most part,
no prep is required aside from a good cleaning

Can you set a hot drinks/food on it and not expect problems?
You have to treat the finish as you would any fine finish...
Coasters and trivets are your friends!

Will liquid leave rings?
But they go away.
I know, I didn't believe it either.
Until I saw it.

Will you over-wax the first time you use it?
Live and learn.

Will you be able to purchase every color your heart desires
like at the paint counter?
Mix and's the best part!

I've heard some grumblings about
greasy fingerprints
and issues with durability...
We've not had these issues
since we learned how to properly use
the products
and our clients will confirm...

We've sold hundreds of pieces
done in ASCP

If you are perfectly content with latex paint
this product probably isn't for you

and that's OK...
(I know...everyone raves so much,
you feel like you HAVE to love it,

But I'm passionate about this product
and think it's fabulous!

Are we affiliated with ASCP in any way?
We pay full price just like you...

But I'll shout ASCP's praises from the rooftops
for the simple fact that I think
it's the best.

Are there other Chalk Paints?

Have we used them?

Our experience with ASCP has been very positive
and very personal

We are loyal people
Treat us right
and we stick around

ASCP and the stockists
have always treated us well
and they appreciate our business
Annie Sloan (the person)
is literally an email away

We don't have a DIY blog
and we're not going to
do a tutorial on how
to use ASCP...

but I promise you...
play with it
work with your stockist...
play some more...
have fun with it...

And you'll never be satisfied with latex again!

I used to wonder...
Who the heck spends $35/litre
on paint?

Now I know...
people just like me :0)


  1. This made my night. It's customers like you who make stockists LOVE what we are doing. My job is my passion. Robyn is so blessed to have you as her customer!

    1. Thanks chickie. We really do love ASCP, and Annie and the stockists we've encountered have been so lovely. It's a wonderful product; we would not use it if we didn't believe that. We use it on our own pieces, with two boys, and it holds up great...and I'm talkin' high traffic areas like cabinets and tables...! And your passion shows through in your posts...wish you were closer!

    2. I would love to see pics of cabinets, all I've found is dressers and tables but my white, latex painted cabinets need new life and this might be the ticket! Thanks.

  2. All I can say is, "Amen"! Couldn't agree more and couldn't have said it better. (you know i had to say more ;-)

  3. As always.. it is straight from your heart with no strings attached.. your passion for the creative process and your passion is incredible! Thank you for being our customer and our friend!

  4. If you are having issues with this product, I'm 99% certain it's user error; I say this because I've been there! I'm not being snotty, I'm speaking from experience!!

  5. Robyn and Annie are UBER NICE, and you are right Annie makes herself easily available. Even though there is buzz on FB of all kinds of "knock-offs", like RObyn's husband Steve said the other day.."Annie has worked on this formula for years!" Nothing compares. Keeping latex on the walls around here;)

  6. ASCP has been the only paint that made me remotely interested in painting.......I cracked a lid, took a class, thanks Robyn, and now I am soooo hooked.

  7. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I am your newest follower and another ASCP Stockist!

  8. I am so new to painting furniture, but ever since I tried ASCP
    I LOVE it too! It allows you to work in small spaces without worrying about overspray or sanding dust - thank you! I recently learned about floetrol mixed with latex and have found it to be awesome for brushing with no lines. I like the idea of using this for brightly color pieces or more modern looks. Have you tried that at all???

    1. Thanks! I don't use latex at all...but I know many are very happy with the process you described...and I agree with you, I prefer a smoother finish with more modern pieces, but I don't do them too often...good luck and happy painting!

  9. In the words of Annie Sloan - BRILLIANT! Thank you from the great state of Texas and it's ASCP Stockist

  10. Good Morning!

    Janet from The Empty Nest here...a stockist in Warrenton, Va and I want to shout out a huge THANK YOU for this very well written and honest critique of Annie's paint. Long before I became a Stockist, I was an addicted ASCP user. I LOVE this stuff and I love the helpful attitude of Annie herself. You are not exaggerating when you say Annie is an e-mail away. You have a question...Annie will answer it...I love that!

    I will be meeting Annie in New Orleans at the annual Stockist meeting and I am so excited about that. Then two weeks later I will get to work with her again in Leesburg, VA. for the regional Conference!!!

    Keep up the beautiful work you are doing...your pieces are always stunning and inspirational.

    Enjoy the day and may the paint fly!!!

    janet xox

  11. Absolutely well said. I love what you do and the furniture you do it on. The paint is amazing.

  12. HI I found you off Etsy. I was searching on ASCP as I am painting a few pieces of furniture. I see that you had some issues with wax. I did too when I first used ASCP and I admit I gave up. I am trying again and wonder if it's really just because I used too much. Mine was sticky and still hasn't lost that sticky feeling months later. Trial and error I suppose. I'm going to give it a go again.