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Friday, December 30, 2011


The three photos above
are of an antique railing
pulled from the courthouse in
Ellijay, GA
I wanted it.
I REALLY wanted it.
My sweet husband offered
to strap it on top of the car.
I think it would be great
to separate rooms in an open floor plan
maybe...I could use it at the store
to separate our space from our neighbors...

We leave tomorrow.
If you see an Expedition
driving down the interstate
with an 8 1/2 ft railing
on top
well, I guess you know...

We also found this great chest...
not my color choice but fabulous
just the same

I had this off the wall and in my hands
but decided I was being silly
It was expensive
and I already have one
Still kinda wish I bought it, though!

At $200, this was no bargain
but isn't it fabulous?
It's a bit more blue in person

I really loved this old chippy fireplace surround
the colors were great
but alas, no way to safely get it home...

We were very surprised to find that the best picking
really is in Florida

The prices everywhere we went were
than our retail
after repairs and paint!

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