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Monday, January 2, 2012

Feel Free to Put Your Feet Up...

I decided to work on some things
for our home yesterday
because it was too hot for the studio...

As I was cleaning
I decided I wanted a new coffee table
so off to the warehouse we went
(yes, it IS nice to have a 1500sf
warehouse packed to the rafters full
of options!)

My living room
gets tons of light
but it's not great
for photographing
so please pardon the wonky lighting

The coffee table I was using
was a darling little French Provincial
painted piece...
my boys sit on it
their friends sit on it
they put their feet on it
I was waiting for it to collapse!

This Empire piece is as solid as they come
I painted the base in two colors
then heavily distressed
(before the kids did it for me!)

I wanted the top to look sort of like pickled
or bleached-out wood
so I did a color wash
then clear waxed the whole piece

Now the boys can
put their feet on it
eat at it
sit on it


they could dance a jig on it

if they really wanted to...

and being boys, they just MIGHT!


  1. So awesome!! This looks PERFECT in your living room. It is FABULOUS, love your finish on it:)

  2. thanks, Anne. It works much better than the two others I I'm eyeballing by bathroom cabinets...since I put up a new shower curtain, the blue doesn't look right

  3. Do it!! I like doing kitchens and bathrooms bc you see the WHOLE room change! I am already changing my kitchen cabinets AGAIN. LOL. Such JOY in repainting old stuff..heh?!:)

  4. joyful, indeed! I just finished first coat on all four chairs...starting on second coat. Think I better poly them...I waxed "my" chair at the table and it scratched :0(

  5. Gorgeous!! It fits perfectly. Love your couch too!

  6. Thanks Tammy! Happy to have you around :0) (especially if you're going to say such nice things...) lol

  7. Chairs for YOUR living room I hope! I Love the photo of your living room, the couch, the mirror, and that TABLE!! What are the chairs too? Kitchen table?