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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Knock Knock

Knock Knock...
Who's there?  


Tick Tock One Step Paint, that is!

Our front door was desperately in need of some assistance...
a perky pick-me-up
(and a good pressure washing!)

Before was such a snooze-fest...
zero personality...
this is the color it's been since we moved in...and I've hated it every day since
but you know how it get so used to looking at it,
you don't even notice it anymore

Now it looks refreshed and playful

I realize vibrant aqua isn't for everyone...
we live on the coast of FL...
land of sun and surf, palm trees and hibiscus
An aqua door isn't the least bit out of place!

Here are the steps:
1. clean the door- I pressure washed about a month ago, then cleaned the door with soap and water before painting. Pressure washing isn't necessary.

2. Paint with chosen color of One Step Paint from Amy Howard at Home
We selected Tick Tock after much debate...the lighter color over the somewhat darker oil-based paint took three coats

3. Seal- I used Clear Wax, applied sparingly, and buffed once dry.  You could also seal with poly, but we've found the AHaH wax is durable enough to use on our front door.  

4. Decorate your new front door
 (then lament as you realize now your house REALLY needs painted!)

Isn't it funny how one project leads to five, ten, TWENTY more?

I'm already looking at paint colors for the house and garage...
and the weather stripping around the door needs replaced...
and the landscaping could use some refreshing...
and the fence is looking pretty shabby....

Thanks for dropping by!


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