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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Freak Out

Oh my goodness...does this ride EVER slow down?  

As you know, we made the decision to close our retail store in Tarpon Springs
and instead, move our retail items into the uber fabulous 
(follow them on FB for status updates!)
Between our online business, custom work, and Amy Howard gig, 
we just can't manage running a store full time, too...

607 isn't opening until mid-August
so that left us the rest of this month in Tarpon, right?


The landlord opted not to renew the lease, 
since we couldn't commit beyond 90 days
(hopefully a GREAT tenant will be moving in w a long term lease!)

We are headed to Atlanta for Market on Monday...
and will be gone for 10 days or so...
which means we need to clean out the bulk of our store by SUNDAY

In theory, this is fine.
We need to combine the studio/warehouse into one location...
and this prompts us to get moving on that goal

HOWEVER, in reality...


they saved our sanity!
(there is still going to have to be a storage unit in our future 
unless something miraculous happens in the next day or so...)

You can find our pieces RIGHT now, in both stores

But what about Amy Howard at Home products, you may be wondering?

The full line will be available at 607 Vintage Marketplace
and in the coming weeks, 
we have FOUR new retailers throughout Pinellas County...
we'll share that info once their paint comes in!

If you need product in the interim, 
or need assistance w your Amy Howard at Home products,
just email us...we'll be happy to  meet you w product or answer your questions!

Thanks for following along w us on this crazy roller-coaster 

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