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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mixing it up

With 42 One Step colors at my disposal,
you'd think I would be content...
but of course, I'm not!

I see it as 42 colors with INFINITE possibilities!

Using the newest One Step colors 
(American Dream, Tick Tock, Get in Gear, and Table for One)
you can create some equally stunning new shades!

By mixing 75% Get in Gear with 25% American Dream
you can create a gorgeous, rich teal
(right and layered on center)

Equal parts Get in Gear and Tick Tock creates the gorgeous aqua green 
(left and base coat on center)

Blues not for you?

A lovely melon can be created using 
equal parts Table for One and Massey Hill

Add a generous tablespoon of Charm School to the above mixture to create a vibrant coral...

The options are limited only by your imagination:

American Dream + Table for One = Periwinkle
Tick Tock + Credenza = Soft Mint Green
Charm School + American Dream = Vibrant Purple
Orchid + Table for One + Charm School = Raspberry Pink

Don't be intimidated by color! 
Start small...pretend you are finger painting...mix little bits of this and that on a sample board
until you like the direction it's headed...


I'd love to know what colors you've created! 


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