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Thursday, August 7, 2014

High Performance Lacquer Spray...where have you been all my life?

Need a make-over in a minute?
(ok, maybe more than a minute...but FAST!)

I was dreading painting all the nooks and crannies of this 
gorgeous TWIN headboard

This piece is solid metal, painted in enamel, circa 1950's
It was pretty dirty!

I thought it would be an ideal candidate for 
in gorgeous BELIZE

To prep, I simply took the headboard out back and hosed it off
using the highest pressure setting on the nozzle

Then, I left it to dry in the sun...
(which took about 10 seconds in this heat!)

Once dry, I spread out cardboard and laid the headboard down
(I've found that spraying with a piece like this straight up and down 
makes for missed bits)

The nozzle on the Lacquer Spray is like no-other...
it sprays in a FAN, not in a circle like most spray paints
and the nozzle turns...yep, TURNS!
You can adjust it for spraying horizontal or vertical

With spray paint, slow and steady wins the race...
you're not applying hairspray!

Side to side, releasing the nozzle after each pass

TA DA...the finished piece!

The shine is incredible...and this is BEFORE the Bright Idea Clear Lacquer Spray...
(you can add this for even MORE shine and an added layer of durability)

I used one can for this headboard..not bad, right?
(When I've done dressers, I've used four cans or more, based on size)

This project took less than an hour, including hosing it off!

If you're intrigued by Lacquer, but intimidated, I urge you to give it a try!
Successful spraying does take a little practice, but pieces like this are so forgiving

Be Brave and Have Fun!


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