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Friday, July 18, 2014

A Quartet of Delicious NEW Colors!

Kenny is at his pre-op appointment...
covered in paint!
He forgot it was today...oops!

Since he's tied up, I have a bit of free time
to share the new Amy Howard at Home One Step Colors with you!

Do you get as excited about new colors as I do?

First up, a lovely royal blue/navy 
called American Dream

What I love about this color is it's mix-a-bility (new word!)
Out of the can, it's a vibrant, rich blue
but it mixes gorgeously to create deep navy, teal, peacock, cobalt...
even a rich array of purples

For some blue inspiration, visit our Pinterest board:

We live on the west coast of Florida, 
and the beach is never more than a few minutes away...
so these beachy colors make me happy, indeed!

Tick Tock is a fresh minty green shade...
add a touch of white for a softer look, or a bit of blue or green for more vibrancy...
as is, it is STUNNING!
(greens are SO hard to capture on film...
my pic reads a touch more soft than it's true greenish blue shade)

For some inspiration:

Get in Gear is probably my favorite of the four new colors...
strong and true, this reads a bit Kelly Green w a hint of blue

Lastly, Table for One

A strong, mid range pink with a retro vibe
Out of the can, it's bold and wonderful
but it mixes well to create a variety of shades from subtle peach to coral, 
as well as just about every shade of pink, plum, or berry you can dream up!

Need some Inspiration?

We really enjoyed dipping into these strong new shades from Amy Howard at Home
I'm looking forward to seeing how YOU use them!

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