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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


You know, someone should really put me on their payroll....

I'm at my happiest testing new products, figuring out new ways to use them
and teaching others how to do it

I'd like nothing better than to get paid to play with paint all day,
then write all about it!

Today, between waiting for custom orders to dry 
and prepping pieces for shipping
I had some time to play around a bit

I really wanted to just mix it up and not follow any specific "rules"
for the way the products are meant to be used

My product list?

 One Step Paint in Luxe Grey
Toscana Powder Paint in Riviera Blue
Dark Wax
Dust of Ages
Antiquing Glaze
(all from Amy Howard Home)
Carnauba Wax
(from Real Milk Paint Co)

I wanted to see how the Toscana would react over One Step,
so I applied one coat of Luxe Grey right over the existing finish
(typical old French Provincial creamy colored enamel)

Next, I mixed up some Toscana paint and applied in thin coats, 
over the One Step

I typically mix my powdered paint on the thicker side, 
but I want to do lots of layers of color so I mixed it fairly thin

I used a cheapie chip brush for this, so I could really work the paint into 
every recess without worrying about damaging my nice brushes
(I was not looking for a smooth finish)

After the second coat, the color is really starting to come through
I didn't fuss about the little bubbles and bumps 
because I wanted  the finish to have some cool texture
I knew when I burnished this and the bumps wore down,
 it would leave great character

I applied about six thin coats of Toscana, 
and followed that up with a messy application
of Antiquing Glaze
(it adds a very subtle hint of  warmth)

Once dry, I applied Carnauba wax
and then haphazardly applied some dark wax here and there
followed by Dust of Ages

Once I was sure it was all dry, I burnished the surface to a gorgeous glow

The finish has a gorgeous, aged patina but is smooth as glass

And although it looks delicate, it's SO durable
(I flipped this chair onto it's back to work on the underside,
fully expecting to have to do some touch up when I flipped it back over
and there wasn't a single scratch or scuff...pretty impressive!)

Next stop?  The upholsterer's for a new seat and back...

Stay tuned for this chair's new look!



  1. yes, on the payroll gets my vote!

    thanks once again michele, great results, wonderful sharing

  2. OOOH! I love this patina!

    You are the (wo)MAN!



  3. Oh my stars... that is beautiful!