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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cool Places, Treasures, and Food Trucks...

As a child, my grandparents brought me to Tarpon Springs every weekend
to eat at Hella's or Pappas'
(My grandfather was from Greece)

If you aren't familar with Tarpon,  
it presently has the highest percentage of Greek Americans in the US
Greek families settled here in the late 1800's, working as sponge divers and shrimpers

The area is gorgeous, and rich in history
Everyone visits the Sponge Docks, down by the water
but so many miss the charm of Downtown
even all the trips to Tarpon as a kid rarely resulted in a stroll down Tarpon Ave

So I thought I'd share with you our favorite places to go
We'll start from our shop, of course, because that's always my first stop!

Walk across the street and have a look at St. Nicholas Cathederal 
They do allow visitors, so if there isnt' an event going on, 
pop your head inside and ogle the awe-inspiring interior

They don't offer retail sales, but peek in and check it out!
If you catch them at the Auction House, they are happy to let you browse
and of course, they'd LOVE to auction your treasures!
(plus, Erin and Rob are flat out awesome peeps)

You'll find Tarpon Avenue is packed with antique shops...
One of our favorites is Court of Two Sisters

and right next door, the eclectic, super fun 
I challenge you to leave empty handed!

Hungry yet?  
To your right, our favorite breakfast and lunch spot
Toula's Trailside Cafe
Their banana bread makes me weak in the knees!

...or turn left to grab a beer and some elevated bar grub
at Tarpon Tavern
(Kenny LOVES their corned beef)

Keep on walking down the trail,
and you'll discover Pistachio's and their sister shop, Off the Beaten Path

From there, head towards Pinellas Avenue and pay a visit to 
Unique Finds for, well, some unique finds!

A few steps north sits Tampa Bay Salvage
their amazing selection will have your brain working in overdrive
to think of new ways to use all their great salvage items

Across the street, you'll find Eco Bean
the perfect stop for a cup of organic joe or a smoothie
Downtown Tarpon hosts a litany of events throughout the year...
Next up? 

A Treasure Sale AND a food truck rally
on February 8th from 9a until 4p
(food trucks open at 11a)

We'll have a tent set up across from our shop on Hibiscus
(we'll be demo-ing paint!)
so come out and enjoy the history, architecture, cool shops, and great food!

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  1. Lovely blog! You are an asset to our community. Thank you Michele.