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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amy Howard Home, Day One

Can't believe it's been TWO WEEKS since we posted!

Here's why:

We traveled to Memphis, TN
to attend Amy Howard University

Along the way, we made deliveries to clients in AL and Nashville
(so fun meeting our clients and seeing where the pieces are going to end up!)
and on the way home, we spent the night at a
 GORGEOUS plantation in S. Georgia
(more on that later this week!)

We rolled in to Memphis late Sunday night,
 and arrived early for class on Monday morning
desperately in need of a decent cup of coffee...
all this food was a lovely BONUS

Amy Howard Home was all about the famous "Southern Hospitality!"

We spent three days with Amy, her husband Gene, and the rest of the crew

Inspiration was literally EVERYWHERE we looked...

all I wanted to do was dip into each and every color on the shelves!

Soon enough, we were playing in the paint, um I mean learning all about the paint

 Mrs. Howard...finish expert, business woman extraordinaire, and all-around really nice person!

 Clearly, Kenny is enjoying himself!

 Silver and Gold leaf over One Step Paint

Kenny's first time using Dust of Ages...I think he's a convert now, too!

 a banquet of COLOR!

 Gene Howard, Amy's husband...such a great guy, cool as a cucumber
(Gene, we went to Commissary on our way home and you were so was amazing!)

I love this photo of Meg from MegMade
The expression on her face says it all...downright delighted! 

Tomorrow, days two and three of class and some Memphis sights and sounds

Thanks for stopping by!


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