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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dust of Ages How To

It took me awhile to 'warm up' to Dust of Ages...

The first piece I tried it on was similar in color/tone to the shade of the dust...
so it didn't really show up well

I've played with it LOTS more since then, and I now ADORE it!
I love it so much, in fact, that it's virtually replaced dark wax for me

The biggest plus for me is the color...
it adds a gorgeous grey shade instead of the yellowish brown of dark wax

I also really love that it doesn't dramatically alter
 the color of the piece I use it on the way dark wax does
(dark wax warms things up quite a lot, often turning blues green and whites to cream)

Dust of Ages allows me to add a charming, believable patina
while maintaining the original shade

So how does one apply Dust of Ages?

So simple...

Paint your piece
(we used One Step Paint in Nottoway...the perfect pale blue)

After the paint is dry, I lightly apply clear wax
(I use Carnauba, use whatever brand you like best)
working in sections
Don't try to wax a large piece then go back and apply dust...
the dust sticks to the still-damp wax, and the wax will dry before you get to the dust
if you try to wax a large piece first

I wipe away the wax from the raised areas gently w a clean rag

Then, the fun really starts...

I load up a big, fluffy brush, and literally just pounce the dust all over the area,
making sure I get it in the crevices

You can wipe away the excess dust away as you work, 
or you can wipe it all off when you're done,
up to you!
I prefer to dust off the extra as I go, using a big, clean brush

Once I've completed my piece, I take a clean rag and really rub over the surface, 
removing any loose bits of dust

I like to buff all my waxed pieces with a firm-bristle brush to produce a gorgeous glow

I wanted a bit of the original gold to peek out,
so the final step for this mirror was a quick scuffing with fine grit sanding block
using VERY gently pressure

Be will make a mess!
Dust of Ages is, well...DUST... therefore it's dusty!

I always apply on my worktable, and when I'm done, I grab the hand broom and dustpan
(and I turn off the ceiling fans before I start!)

I'm crazy about the versatility of this product
and of course, the finish it creates is simply stunning...

If you haven't tried Dust of Ages yet, trust me, you will LOVE IT!

Have FUN and Happy Painting!


  1. The mirror looks just beautiful!

  2. Great tutorial Michele, thank you again. Never thought about dust vs dark wax, brilliant!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, I just purchased my first jar today and cannot wait to try!

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