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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Game Changer

We won't ever forget the second year we were vendors at Fancy Flea

If you are not familiar, Fancy Flea is a twice a year outdoor vintage market

We were so pleased it was a warm, sunny day

It was the first year we used *insert wax/paint combo here*

We set up our goods, and enjoyed the morning

As the day progressed, something unusual happened

Our furniture started to melt...
or at least, the wax started to melt

If anyone touched it, the wax streaked...wiped right off!

We spent the rest of the day rotating pieces in and out of the shade
(if you use the same products, you know exactly what we mean!)
Lesson learned!

That was the day we started hunting for a better option

After much trial and error,
we found Carnauba Wax from Real Milk Paint Co


We use it over everything now...

The best part? 


These pieces are painted with Amy Howard One Step Paint
and are sealed with Carnauba Wax

These pieces get pulled outside the shop each morning,
and spend all day in the sun (today was 74)

I can drag my fingers across the surface and guess what?
It isn't even a LITTLE bit sticky!

Talk about a game changer...

The pink vanity display has been dripped on, had hot coffee set on it, 
even had hot chocolate spilled on it
without even a HINT of a mark
(and it was painted last week...none of this "let it cure for 30-60 days" business!)

The combo of Amy Howard One Step Paint
(which doesn't require sealing!)
with Carnauba Wax is UNBEATABLE...
nothing we have ever tried even comes close...
and we've tried them all


  1. Thanks for your insights and your classiness in not "naming names".

  2. I've seen melting pieces at shows. This was helpful. How often does this type of wax need to be reapplied?Thanks

  3. I do summer markets where it is usually upper 90's on asphalt. Would this wax hold up to that? (The heat is why I've never switched paint types)

    1. we're in FL...90 is considered a "cool" day in the summer. No worries here.