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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Toscana Powder Paint

It's no secret that we LOVE to get our hands dirty
with new products...
particularly when the products AMAZE US

We've been consistently thrilled and impressed by 
Amy Howard Home's product lines
(and the bar was set PRETTY high...we don't impress easily!)

One Step wowed us
then, the Lacquer Sprays...
so of course, we could NOT wait
to get our hands on Amy's Casein (milk) Paint...Toscana!

Amy's artisans create INCREDIBLE finishes using this paint, along with some ancillary products

(photo courtesy of Amy Howard Home)

We figured we'd break you in gently...
and show you a project using JUST the Toscana paint
(we'll be offering classes on how to use all the Toscana products in March!)

Toscana is quite simple to use...if you've used any milk paint before, this is much the same
you mix with water 
(we LOVE that the container has enough room to add water, seal, and shake to mix!)
We prefer our paint a bit on the thick side, so we start with a 3/1 ration of paint to water
adjusting as needed

The piece we selected was solid wood, and we did NOTHING to the existing finish
(old stain and some sort of clear lacquer)
The biggest obstacle to success with milk paint is in selecting the proper piece...
this is NOT the paint we'd select for shiny finishes, laminate, etc

So anyway, we mixed it up, and applied in a very haphazard, sloppy manner
sort of squishing it in here and there instead of brushing it smooth

The finish you see took three coats
We love the variations of texture and color!

For even more patina, we used Amy's Antique Glaze
which is very thin and light
(translation: EASY and FORGIVING)
It really brought so much depth to the finish 
without dramatically altering the lovely, soft shade

Once dry, we sealed with our favorite Carnauba wax

Toscana is available in a lovely selection of colors and retails for $20/8oz

We are SO terribly excited to be travelling to Memphis, TN in a few weeks
to meet Amy Howard and the rest of her team

A bit about Amy Howard, in case you didn't already know!
Her company, Amy Howard Home, has been around for almost a quarter of a century
(they are most definitely NOT new to this!)

The paints we retail, and the finishes you can achieve with them,
are the very same that have been used on Amy's gorgeous reproduction pieces

For some inspiration, visit 
and of course Amy Howard at Home

Thanks for stopping by, and happy painting! 

Kenny and Michele

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  1. It looks so fun!! I love this colour, haven t tried it yet, but I think I should!